Swami Tadatmananda’s lectures on Adi Shankaracharya’s Manisha Panchakam are available online. Click on the date link below to listen or download MP3. Has this legend been just interwoven to the main composition (“Manisha Panchakam”) to serve as a lesson by somebody to erase the then. Maneesha Panchakam¬ ¬ By¬ Adhi Sankara BHagwat pada¬ ¬ Translated by¬ ander¬ ¬ (One day while Adhi Sankara was returning from the.

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Sri Ranganathananda admits that the possibility of chandalas of those days having knowledge of Vedanta is difficult to accept. He was busy preaching his convoluted metaphysics and winning debates.

That is a fact everyone knows and no one tries to sweep it under the carpet as they are mature enough to know that what the reformers said hold good despite their inability to put their sayings into practice. A single issue related to manisah is enough to prove where they stand. The Self Brahman is the eternal ocean of Supreme Bliss. Please quote from Rig Veda those portions that encourage casteism and untouchability.

So the so called chandalas dont need worldly knowledge to speak about the Truth. The fact that you are using the Internet puts you in a position of privilege and denying that sort of privilege is what I was referring to.

Here, we have to be careful in deciding what is done by me and what is not done by me, with the help of ,anisha for safety! You and me at least had a situation of exchanging words, it is because of british!!! Brahmaivaaham idam jagachcha sakalam chinmaatra vistaaritam. Hinduism does indeed have a history of counter-caste movements that tried to uphold the spiritual equality of the lower caste and panchhakam people.

Can someone help me understand what the author of this post is trying to convey: These very pithy and piercing arrows of questions from Chandala posed to the mind of Sri Sri Shankara, the nija swaroopa of the Chandala Lord Shiva in the disguise is perceived by Sri Sri Manihsa and the following 5 slokas form the firm conviction and understanding attained by Sri Sri Shankara.

Maneesha Panchakam Of Shankaracharya

Of-course only after his transformation from life of utter violence. Rationalists are not just criticizing ancients and their works.


It can be viewed from a different perspective as well. It is one of the greatest tricks to have come out of enlightened minds. Such a person, whosoever he may manieha, and no matter at all, his feet are worthy to be worshiped by the Indra and all other gods.

And what about the other poor people in India who are not lower castes? That is why Ambedkar was so unconvincing.

Manisha Panchakam – Wikipedia

The philosophical strand of Advaita is more tuned towards Shiva disciples and the strand of Dvaita more towards Vishnu disciples. Everyone struggles with themselves, that is the whole point of self-development. It might not have completely abolished untouchability but the growth and severity of the practice might have come down considerably over the centuries.

Rather practice and teach our young minds to come out of it. Best among the learned! It also appears to me that Shakaracharya knew the answers but lacked necessary guts and courage to express the same by going against the prevailing social practice of untouchability.

Manisha Panchakam

That Divine light that glows within all the things and because of which the things seem like glowing themselves, due to which light the lifeless things seem with life, like the Sun being the cause of glow for the Moon and other Stars, but the Moon and the Stars seem like glowing by themselves, is present every where.

This is taken from Rigveda,Ithareya Upanishath. Then how is it possible for them to acquire such great knowledge?

You are actually the nameless, formless,unsubstituted, continuous entity which is beyond the perception of senses and karmendriyas, you are that divine entity, realising this is ‘aham brahmasmi’ through ‘thathwamasi’. When we have the knowledge that ‘we are not the doers’ and we are not that experience the result removes the tension or curiosity of doing and the fear of having to experience the unwanted probably and when we realise that This World is not Permanenthence all the pleasures and pains that it possesses are also not permanent, when we know that the ‘Brahmam’ or the ‘Supreme God’ is the permanent one, all this with the help of a Sadguru, we have to and we will, naturally, turn towards the permanent one throwing away the temporary ones.

So what else is left in AV for its salespersons to sell? And you have tactfully avoided a few questions of mine on the original post and also in my response to you.


You might believe that what you are today is entirely because of your own efforts. Basically, what is the purpose of the post?

Manisha Panchakam – Arsha Bodha Center

The VarNa system is not meant to be to discriminate against other VarNas. One reason could be the contrasting personalities of Shiva and Vishnu themselves. Russia did not earn money for a long time after doing excellent science, but by other means only recently.

Also, you yourself seem to imply that repudiation is not enough. And manissha quote from the chronicles like babur nama and Chach nama as to how exactly Quasims and Baburs and Timurs worked towards erasing casteism. It is generally accepted principle in education that the question posed by a student reveals more than the answer given to a question.

Will the reflected sky be inferior in an earthen pot, compared to the one in a golden vessel! The point I tried to make was that the knowledge claims of Vedas and Vedanta are bogus and spurious and that the later grafts on it and the spin of latter day theologians and apologists have been co-opted into its prevailing philosophy, which is uncritically accepted and revered by many Hindus and such delusional beliefs affect their perceptions of coming to terms with problems of social crisis and its resolution.

Also, please show from the same source, where multiple castes like Thakurs, Iyers, Thevars and Choudhrys are mentioned. My firm understanding is that the great one who inculcates this concept is the real preceptor. Sri Ranganathananda was right in observing that certain amount of mythology had crept into the story of the encounter of Shakaracharya with the untouchable. According to the legend, Adi Shankaraachaarya, was on his way to the temple after finishing his bath. Please guide me to get this book, Regards, Sivasankar.

Many American reformers who spoke against slavery owned slaves. Regarding Basava, can you show me if there is consensus amongst Vedantins that Basava is a true Vedantin? Let us be proud of them!