Info: it the most difficult current programming language, though not the most difficult possible one. Malbolge, for those not familiar with it, is a language designed to be have so far have expressed an interest in programming in Malbolge!. Malbolge is a programming language invented by Ben Olmstead in , named after the eighth circle of hell in Dante’s Inferno. The name was.

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Malbolge – Wikipedia

This was influenced by how hardware such as x86 architecture worked. Sometimes programming language designers create a language that goes against these principles, either as research or for fun.

For example, an o executed at position 0 modulo 94 will become a j after 29 executions. Occasionally they’re written to make fun of bad decisions in other languages satire. Alex Mirchev The code above is to an extend logical, but why would a language require you to define an Class for a simple loop? Scrolling this “code” makes my eyes out of my head. Did not know such languages existed. Is that because it has so many different instructions you need to learn or because each instruction’s semantics are so complex that they’re impossible to remember?

They are designed as a test of the boundaries of computer programming language design, as a proof of concept, or as a joke. The final result tells the interpreter what to do:.

mablolge Malbolge has eight instructions. If the result is not any of the values in the table, a NOP no operation is executed. According to the author no other language is implemented like this, because it would be idiotic. Getting back to the original question about why the exist: Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in.


99 Bottles of Beer

Michael, person, RevAaron and others who post a several single -lines-length code, you just don’t understand the point of this site. For more code and examples, see this Wikipedia entry.

Why do crossword puzzles or word jumble puzzles exist? These cycles can be used to create loops that do different things each time and that eventually become repetitive. It is designed to challenge and amuse programmers, and was not made to be suitable for practical use.

99 Bottles of Beer | Language Malbolge

Uninitialized memory cells are filled with results of performing crazy operation on two previous filled cells. For example this is an infinite loop:. If the instruction to execute is not in the rangeexecution stops the reference interpreter hangs in this case due to a bug. To start with, this prograjming be translated to the following:. Have a look at the Shakespeare Programming Language.

There is a second category of the actual joke languages such as Malebolge and INTERCAL, neither of which is designed to be practical in any way whatsoever and have features that actively make them harder to use. First of all panguage be aware this post contains some abusive language but I hope it will not bother anyone. Otherwise, in order to determine the actual instruction to execute, the value pointed to by the C register is added to the C register itself and the result divided by 94, taking the remainder.

Malbolge’s probably biggest piece of evilness comes from the encryption of instructions as they are executed.

For mula tran slation, the procedural barking of orders at the processor, has an archaic yet visceral appeal. We must choose positions of code and data sections, replace labels programmming the address of the memory word prior to the address where the label points to, and write use-once Malbolge code to initialize everything.


It has to be made in several steps. At this place it may be interesting to know that in the s and s trit-based computers were developed in the “eastern bloc” and still some engineers think about trit-based computers when talking about new non-silicon-based technologies. Lou Scheffer’s Malbolge page. Here is what ‘Hello World! If [C] is not between 33 andinclusive, the instruction is invalid. Their syntax should be clear and understandable, and their implementations bug-free and fast.

Compare this to the other “fake” version, known to be constant text output: Interpreting a single instruction looks like this. Download Source Write Comment.

The 10 Weirdest Programming Languages

It looks like you hardcoded a bunch of print statements 99 bottles. That routine’s mission is to set up the memory just as needed. They should give you structure and allow you to solve real problems. I have stared into the abyss and it stared back.

Fortunately, I discovered this afternoon that there is a way to rectify the situation. The Malbolge language has eluded many attempts to use it for some years.

In my opinion, this version deserves a much higher score than it currently has. Here is an example of a program that outputs a Fibonacci sequence: This will complete the simplified version of the cat program.