Sulekha Creative Blog – Maharashtra has many a fort nestled amidst the imposing Sahyadri range of mountains. Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj captured many of. Indian Glories tells you about hill forts of Maharashtra. Some of them are impressive for their architecture and others double up as trekking destinations. “Forts In Maharashtra” -Provides: * Popular Forts In Maharashtra(India) * Details About Forts *Also Can Know How To Reach At Forts “Forts In Maharashtra”.

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Top 21 Magnificent Forts of Maharashtra You Must Visit

From the fort, take a trip a little away and visit the Bhaja Caves, one of the most fascinating sights in the region. Situated about 50 kilometres away from Pune, the Purandar Fort is one of the few in Maharashtra that has two levels within its premises.

The fort was constructed in a unique triangular shape and had many mosques, ponds and a tomb inside. The Maratha king Shivaji made the fort his capital and the fort has a famous wall called Hirakani Buruj and the imposing Maha Darwaja.

Shivaji renamed the fort Prachandagadand constructed several monuments and towers within it. Noteworthy sites inside the fort are its large doors, the Trimbakeshwar Mahadev temple and the the Satvahan caves. Shivneri Fort Shivneri Fort is the birthplace of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and now it has been declared as a protected monument.

The Raigad Fort also happens to be the place where Shivaji breathed his last. The fort is still in good shape and has secret gates to hide and escape,fort structure is unique and very strong. Suvarnadurg also known as Golden Fort is situated close to a natural harbour famous for fishing and its marketing near Harnai in Konkan. To get to the fort, one has to take a boat that departs from the dock.


Once at the fort, there are many stone structures that lie in ruins and a Ganesh Temple.

In the s, the Mughal empire gained control of this fort after defeating Shivaji’s son Sambhaji. To gain access to some points at the fort, there are a few ladders installed. Of all the forts in Maharashtra, this one is the most popular trekking spot.

The 20 Most Stunning Forts in Maharashtra

The fort is believed to the former home of Tarabai, the queen of Kolhapur. There are also a few temples within the fort, one of them dedicated to Sambhaji II.

The fort is a popular trekking spot for locals and tourists who throng the place in the monsoon. For some youngsters, the dancing light On the fort premises one can see the Andhar Bavadi, an underground well, the Kalavantinicha Mahal, and the Amberkhana, the site of the three granaries inside the fort. The fort is a popular trekking destination around Pune and Mumbai ,noted for the large doors,Satvahan caves and Trimbakeshwar Mahadev temple.

Raigad Fort Raigad hill fort is metres tall fort, located in the Sahyadri mountain range in the Mahad, Raigad district of Maharashtra. The fort is a favorite weekend destination for many from Mumbai and Thane. Search Member Search Keyword.

The Mughals and Marathas owned a lot of lands here and built some beautiful buildings and forts.

{ महाराष्ट्राचे किल्ले | The Forts of Maharashtra } | मराठी छायाचित्रकार | Flickr

Popular attractions at the fort are the tomb of Afzal Khan and the temple dedicated to Goddess Bhavani. The fort was an important fortress of the Maratha Empire; it was used as a base to anchor their ships.


Pune is one of those Indian cities that have a thousand stories hidden in their bosoms. Maharashtra is a state with a rich history. It is a great spot for photography. If you already have visited these forts, we would love to mahraashtra your experience in the comments section below. This is why it is called Tikona. There is another gate at the east end; however, to get through the gate, you have to pass through thorny bushes.

Adventure sports lovers come here from Lonavala and cities like Mumbai. Harishchandragad is a beautiful hill fort in the Ahmednagar region and one of the most popular trekking destination in Maharashtra.

Tung Fort is a prominent landmark and offers magnificent view of near by Lohagad, Visapur, Tikona and Korigad forts.

The road to Vasota fort passes mahafashtra Kas pathar or Valley of flowers of maharashtra and through the thick jungle. Fort of Daulatabad contains several notable monuments such as Chand Minar,Chini Mahal and Aurangabad Ellora group of mabarashtra in midway to fort.

Maharashtra has many a fort nestled amidst the imposing Sahyadri range of mountains.

At the site of Balekilla there is big gate called the Dilli Darwaza that is a great spot for photography. Maharashrra often changed hands until the British took over it completely. Pratapgad Fort also known as Valour Fort in Mahabaleshwar is a very important site,located in Satara district.

We begin with Torna fort, which was the first to be captured by Shivaji.