This is the complete electronic text of the Mahanirvana Tantra with links to each chapter. Tantra. I am telling Thee the truth, O Devi! Lay it to the heart and ponder over it. There is no doctrine superior to the Kaulika doctrine, the most. The mahanirvana Tantra is in the form of dialog between Lord Siva and his consort Parvati where the Mahadeva Himself explains the theory and practice of .

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Pujawhich is kamyaor done to gain a particular end as also vrataare preceded by the sangkalpa ; that is, a statement of the resolution to do the worshipas also of the particular objectif any, with which it is done. Then, uttering the Vija of Varuna, and displaying the Dhenu-Mudra, make the meat like unto nectar with the following For the pashu must with his own hand collect leaves, flowers, fruits, and water, and should not look at a Shudra or even think of a woman In other Tantras I have spoken of the different Mantras and Yantras, with the use of which Thou shouldst be worshipped according to Thy different forms, and there, too, have I spoken of the different dispositions of men Mahakala, the Destroyer of the Universe, is Thy Image.

His mind is ever turned to the search for Brahman. Over eating and drinking will disease many and deprive them of strength and sense. Their children are bastards, and disqualified for all religious, ancestral, and Kaulika observances and rites He should then mark off a rectangular space as his seat, mahanirvama a triangle within it, and therein worship Kama-rupa with the.

This Tantra declares that such worship without their use is but the practice of evil magic.

Mahanirvana Tantra (Tantra of the Great Liberation)

Shabdaor soundwhich is of the Brahmanand as such the cause of the Brahmandais the manifestation of the Chit-shakti Itself. She is worshipful as Guruand as wife of Guru. It is said that there areof which 55 are majanirvana used. Let the desire of the disciple determine what should be offered to the Devas. I bow to Fantra Hathayoga is commonly misunderstood, both in its definition and aim being frequently identified with exaggerated forms of self-mortification.


The Hindu dvi-ja then recites the miantra: On the contrary, it is but an extended note written to help some way towards a better understanding of the text by the ordinary reader. As He is in the outer etherso also is He in the ethereal region of the heart. Should one not follow the ritual ordained, whether from ignorance, wickedness, or irreverence, then one is disqualified for all observances, and becomes a worm in dung It was again printed in by Shri Krishna Gopala Bhakta, since when there have been several editions with Bengali translations, including that of Shri Prasanna Kumara Shastri.

That best of worshippers, the Kula-Sadhaka, should then sip a little water and say: A kalasha made of mud is good for all purposes.

Mahanirvana Tantra – Chapter Index

The Tantra enforces the Vaidik rule in all cases, ritual or otherwise, for those who are governed by the vaidikachara. The Kali Age cannot harm those who keep the company of Kaulikas, or live with Kaulika Sages, or serve the Kaulikas In this connection I cannot avoid interposing the observation that certain practices are described in Tantra which, though they are alleged to have the results described therein, yet exist “for delusion”.

The Mantra for the worship of the Shakti or Devi of the support is: Kumbhaka is done with the vija vang 64 times. This subtle body contains in itself the cause of rebirth into the gross body when the period of reincarnation arrives.

Mahanirvana Tantra

Vachika or verbal japain which the mantra is audibly recited, the fifty matrika being sounded nasally with vindu. I bow to thee, O Sad-guru. It is said that the mahanifvana are as numerous as living beingsand that there are 8, of these. Then, meditating upon the union of the Deva and Devi in the wine, and thinking that the same tntra filled with the ambrosia of such union, japa should be made over it of the Mula-mantra twelve times That Siddhi which is the object of sadhana is never attained thereby, and obstacles are encountered at every step The third is the difficult stage commenced by krama-dikshabhishekain which it is said the great Vashishtha became involved, and in which the Rishi Vishvamitra acquired brahma-jnana, and so became a Brahmana.

In trataka the yogiwithout winking, gazes at some minute object until the tears start from his eyes. tantrz


Mantras are all aspects of the Brahman and manifestations of Kula-kundalini. It is commonly thought and was so stated by the author of the Calcutta edition in English to which I have referred that the second portion is lost. Medical science of to-day seeks to reach the same results, but uses for this purpose the physical methods of modern Western sciencesuited to an age of materiality ; whereas in the sangskara the super-physical psychicor occultor metaphysical and subjective methods of ancient Eastern science are employed.

It accordingly ordains that when the Kaliyuga is in full sway, the fifth tattva shall only be accomplished with sviyashakti.

Nyasa as well as Asana are necessary for the production of the desired state of mind and of chitta-shuddhi its purification. We like publicity, but not in this manner.

At the mere sight of the cup of this offering the Yoginis, Bhairavas, Brahma, and other Devatas dance for joy and grant siddhi Hakararddha, or half the letter La, is also there. Shaivas call this place Shiva-sthanaVaishnavasParama-purushaShaktasDevi-sthanathe Sankhya sages Prakriti-purusha-sthana. Durva grass, sun-dried rice, red flowers, Varvara leaf, and the Aparajita flower should be thrown into the vessel with the Mantra Hrim, and the sacred waters should be invoked into it For such initiation the merciful mood of the Guru is alone necessary In the vital body He feels alive, hungry, and tanyra.

Filling the rest of the cup with water taken from the special offering, let him worship with a well-controlled mind the sixteen digits of the Moon, saying as Bijas each of the sixteen vowels before mahxnirvana of the sixteen digits spoken in the dative singular, followed by the Mantra Namah Then follows anga-nyasa and kara-nyasa.

This is of course absurd. It should be given to the favourite disciple who is both devoted to the Guru and possessed of understanding His worship is practically limited to that of the Ishta-Devata and the Bana-linga-pujawith Tantrik and Pauranik mantra and such vrata as consist in penance and charity. In Lipi-nyasa, O Mahadevi!