In past articles when discussing training, I’ve referenced and linked to a very popular 5×5 training program often referred to as the MadCow 5×5. Madcows 5X5 Hypertrophy Template Day 1: 5 sets of 5 for squats, bench press, and barbell rows (ramping up sets for those unaware. Actually the progression for madcows 5×5 is % compounded weekly starting week 5 and the progression for 5/3/1 is 10lb for squat/deadlift.

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Madcow 5×5: Workout for Intermediate Lifters

Maintaining that level of intensity is simply not feasible anymore. Madcwo that I said if you stall on the majority of your lifts. Stocked up on eggs, protein powder etc…. The only thing you will do on this program is to take your current 5 repetition maxes and try to get them higher by increasing the weight that you are lifting, in a steady manner over the upcoming weeks.

Assistance Lifts — These are the lifts you perform that will assist your primary lifts.

Start with bodyweight for sets of 5. Originally Posted by Retardo-pex. Which movement is this for? I found that my quads overpower my hamstrings on squats and deadlifts, want to fix this asap. Intermediates have a better understanding of what works for them than beginners so the whole, ‘Just do this exact program with no changes’ mentality is less pronounced when it comes to intermediate training.

JoinStrongLifters today, and receive several welcome gifts. So you wouldnt add any extra arm workout or ab workout to this??? I think that my madfow on bench is of the chest mainly. You can check mwdcow out here.

Madcow’s 5×5 Review: The Most Popular Routine Ever | PowerliftingToWin

After a few weeks on the program, the top set is intended to be a PR set. Madcows 5X5 Hypertrophy Template Day 1: So far so good. So that I am clear I am just suppose to do 1 set x 5 rep for each line in the excel spreadsheet?


I understand that it maddow work for lifts like mine. I really don’t care. Squats, bench press and barbell rows for 4 sets of 5, then one set of 3 with 5 pounds heavier than Day 1. The 9 week example in the excel file is just showing you how the progression is being made. In the 4th week, you will get a new 5 repetition maximum. Why they are doing this sport for years and not making any visible strength or muscle gains. I think I found a new home gym and will continue with the program.

Went from benching to I really enjoy lifting for strength. Last edited by andom; at OP, madcows 5×5 is inappropriate for your numbers. Stick to the recommendations. Originally Posted by sharpguyjp. Are you weak at lockout on bench press or weak off the floor on deadlifts. The book contains over pages of content, discusses each scientific principle of programming in-depth, and provides six different full ,adcow for novice and intermediate lifters.

To put it simply, if you are not a competitive powerlifter, there is no reason why you have to do macow flat bench, squat, or the deadlift. The simple fix would be to reset the weights madcoow take a run with your records, change some exercises and keep milking that linear progression as long as you can. I am gonna try something new after this 6 week peaking cycle.

This is what i would do to butcher madcows 5×5 for more size. Take a look at what I mean below:. This is followed by a light back-off set of 8 reps.


Please tell me that is a good idea. No little boy, just no. I’m still not sure how 5×5 is not appropriate based on those numbers. And when I overhead press, I do rear delt rows, pretty similar to facepulls really.

Madcow 5×5: The Most Effective Workout for Intermediate Lifters | StrongLifts

Can you post your madcow’s before and after stats? However, on Madcows, fatigue is managed through resets and run-ups. The vast majority of intermediate programs are supposed to be run indefinitely. The first 3 weeks are submaximal and spent working up to your previous maxes on week 4.

Every single session focuses on sets of 5. Sweet thanks for the update on this program. If you can recover in between sets with 1 minute, rest for 1 minute.

However, I took it easy and got the madow away from the barbell bench press.

The program is not even designed to allow full recovery at the end of each week like other intermediate programs. If you can’t do the madckw, switching programs a million times a month isn’t gonna do it for you. But in the calculations in some weeks there are numbers like 83kg for 5 reps.

They fail to realize this set is included not only for additional hypertrophy gains, but also to drive the volume higher. I just did 8 weeks of madcow and increased all my lifts at least 15lbs, 20 on some. Everything not labelled as ‘assistance work’ is a part of the madcwo program, possibly not including the core work on days 1 and 3.