SAFETY-Drez8. SECстары PREL BUSHING LOCK W POSITION. PLUG – A/BEN. SPRING – A GUWDE – PECEIVER – AN = AJ SEAR -. How to disassemble and reassemble your M (courtesy of Sterling Roth and Tom). Original blueprints; Tom Wilson jig instructions (courtesy of Dennis. The images in the links below are scanned and retouched copies of original blueprints for the The images have been, scanned, cropped.

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Illustrations clearly show the differences between the National Match and standard MA1 pistol. There are numerous figures and text to accurize the MA1, including: Every detail is completely readable, even on the 8. Nicolaus Associates no longer accepts orders from outside the 50 U. Topics discussed include development of the pistol, standardization an important blueprrints tough issue for this pistol initiallyand production requirements vice those actual achieved.

Plate size is 17″ X 22″ and in glorious color! The information contained in the downloads, books, or blueprints found on this website are provided to the reader solely for his or her amusement, curiosity, and education.

M, Revolver, Blueprints, Posters, Mouse Pads, Coffee Mugs

This book can be placed on the shelf in your workshop for easy reference. I honestly do not know of any earlier manuals on the pistol other then this one. If you desire same, please contact me via email at: Any other use of this information may be subject to a variety of applicable laws and regulations and is the sole responsibility of those who choose to use it.

What Does It Look Like?


No part of any chart has been cut off or removed in any fashion. I am sure it is one of the last manuals ever envisioned where the troops would ride horses into battle! These function cutaways include: The manual consists of three major parts plus appropriate picture plates. The restoration is probably brighter then the original, because of the restoration methods I used!

MA1 Layout Chart Price: This is a stapled pamphlet consisting of 36 pages. This manual looks very professional and is packed with great information! If you desire a specific size poster or particular type of paper e. Obviously, this manual is for those with a historical perspective on shooting in the U. The book itself can be placed on the shelf in your workshop for easy reference.

You get pictures of both receiver groups with part names and part numbers, slide group parts, and magazine group parts. Nicolaus Associates Latest Deals and Products: Part II concerns pistol drill. Take a look at this picture: Contact Nicolaus Associates at Email: The individual pistols, M and MA1, are pictured with a table of each pistol’s individual part numbers, FSNs, nomenclature m19111, etc.

Therefore, Nicolaus Associates does not know either! If you are a vender and would like your company logo placed on this product, please bluepronts or e-mail Nicolaus Associates for a price quote. Topics discussed cover even how the production materials, tools, fixtures, testing, and finish changed and were improved upon at Springfield Armory during peacetime in preparation for war.

Colt M1911

Problems in integrating interchangeable parts manufactured at different production facilities are discussed. Just “click” blkeprints thumbnail to the left and take a look! This is a stapled pamphlet consisting of 10 pages.


Finally, Part III teaches one the rules of safety, shooting positions, accuracy, how to aim, etc. You’ll love this lithograph! This manual looks very professional! The cover and back of the manual are 19mil polypropylene. Rather amazingly, nearly 2 million MA1 pistols were manufactured during Blueorints War II – the roll that this pistol played is absolutely astounding!

Part 1 consists of pistol operation, disassembly, assembly, ballistics, and ammunition. Any attempt to use these books or drawings to m19111, modify, or use on any firearm would not be smart or very intelligent, could actually be dangerous, and may actually violate federal, state, or local law. Nicolaus Associates assumes no responsibility for the correctness and accuracy of this information.

This manual is blueprinys, bright and the pictures look great! The following 22″ X 34″ Colt Revolver, Cal. You should see it at 24″ X 31″ in size! Click the image below! All orders must ship within the fifty U. They are all incredibly restored and look almost like the day they were drawn.

Individual Color Charts Plates Caliber. Blueprimts have had a handful of requests for full size 34″ X 42″ individual Charts Plates.

Manuals & Blueprints » Sight M

The book also opens and lays flat, so you can work on your pistol and observe your manual simultaneously. Smith blueprinrs Wesson, Cal. Need an individual page or the full size? The booklet is stunning in any size noted below.