Tad has a Masters Degree in Communication and a Ericksonian Hypnosis. The purpose of this present work is to reclaim that ancient science. Description. Purchase on the NLPCoaching Shop. It is James’ realization that there is far more than meets the eye in the old teachings of Ancient Hawaiian. Discover Newly Uncovered Secrets about Ancient Hawaiian Huna It is James’ realization that there is far more than meets the eye in the old teachings of Ancient.

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What is Huna? The Practices of the Ancient Hawaiian Shamans

In every record of the foundation of an Order we read of a meeting between its founder and an illuminated teacher who gave him his contacts by virtue of his personal magnetism. Huna means knowledge which is “concealed,” or wisdom which is “protected like a treasure. Amazingly, in the Kahuna, Daddy Bray, was arrested for chanting a chant in the Hawaiian language at Hulihee Palace in downtown Kona — a chant quite similar to a loat we teach at our Huna seminars in Hawaii.

We can think of the origins of thought in Huna to be the same as Wicca, Alchemy or Hermetics in western Europe; the same as the Native American tradition; and the same as the Aboriginal teachings in Australia, the Maori teachings in New Zealand, or the original teaching of Tantra in India.

Refer to eBay Return policy for more details. There were almost no secrets; in fact, there were so few secrets that the information that comprised the techniques wasn’t even organized or formally taught. In ancient times in Hawaii, as in many cultures throughout the world, the Kahuna were deeply involved in the study of the nature of mankind and the universe. Will usually ship within hunaa business days of receiving cleared payment – opens in a new window or tab.

The teachings continued in Hawaii and in other parts of the world. So, in a Pacific Island anciient influenced by American Missionaries, the people were disallowed from practicing their original teachings until the federal government of the United States passed the Native American Religious Freedoms Act in During what seemed like the second day, the images came flooding back.

That a country whose pride lies in, among other things, freedom of speech the practice and teaching of Huna was illegal in Hawaii from tois absolutely inconceivable.


Schedule of Events Enroll in our next training: It just formed the background of “how it was” in the world.

Learn more – opens in new window or tab. Today, the entire planet is experiencing a revival of the old teachings, where once again we will experience the return of the balanced systems of teaching. To put it clearly, training in Huna should not cause a person to loose his job, relationships, and all that is dear to him.

The soldiers of Pa’ao had arrived, and they were hunting all the Kahuna of the old order, and burning the temples. They have waited, hidden, for a long, long time. Please remember that any teacher Kumu of the esoteric sciences cannot reveal his entire system to one who is uninitiated, and the more the teacher knows the less he will be inclined to reveal immediately. In the humor of that name, we may be closer to the true meaning than we realize.

So Huna means knowledge which is not secret as much as hidden from view. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Old systems are disintegrating, the most notable of which is the Communist system which wasn’t vanquished by armaments, but which fell apart of its own accord because it denied the rights of women and because it denied spirit.

Lost Secrets of Ancient Hawaiian Huna

Remember that wncient have four parts to your personality: When Pa’ao arrived, he installed his system, and the original teaching was changed. He was the best! Sorcery — Penalty, Any person who shall attempt the cure of another by the practice of sorcery, witchcraft, ananna sichoopiopio, hoounauna, or hoomanamana, or other superstitious or deceitful methods, shall, upon conviction thereof, be fined in a sum not less than one hundred dollars or be imprisoned not to exceed six months at hard labor.

On the other hand, for his own protection, he cannot accept as a pupil someone who would be likely to abuse that knowledge or betray that trust. Seller does not offer returns.

Tad has a Masters Degree in Communication and a Ph. Their search yielded a science of psychology and medicine that was capable of healing most ills of the people at hawaiian time.

If the light that is in him be so dim that he cannot understand the principles involved, anceint should not be placed in the position of having to deal with problems beyond his powers Sell now – Have one to sell? All his masters were dead, his mother, father, wife, and young baby daughter, had all been killed.


Long after the or teachings of the peoples of the earth were codified, and were spread out all over the world, the continent disappeared. The Kahuna Kapihe in Kona in may have succinctly captured the essence of the Science of Huna in the saying. At that time, the Kahuna Pa’ao, arrived in Hawaii, and found a very peace-loving people living in a paradise. There are only remnants of this system around the Earth, because starting in A.

Once again the new priests brought their new gods, and the original teachings hawaiizn buried even deeper.

As the initiate lay there the Kahuna Lomilomi massaged the Ho’omaka for what seemed like hawaiiwn. This item will ship to United Statesbut the seller has not specified shipping options. The time of balance was over long ago, olst we are now in a time of imbalance, a time for extremes. See terms – opens in a new window or tab. How could that have happened? The newer arrivals adopted chants and Hulahula which contained mysteries hidden to them but which were simply waiting for a rebirth of the original teachings.

She said, “Welcome back.

Ho’o means to make. In this time, as he remembered, was a young Kahuna, and he feared for his life.

Image not available Photos not available for this variation. And as he remembered, the sadness came flooding back, and then the tears. Of course, there should be correspondences between Huna and the other disciplines if they all came from the same origin. The original teachings were hidden inside of the chants and the Hulahula Hula dancesand they have waited. For this the fine goes up to a thousand dollars and a year in prison. We believe that it may be as old as 35, years old, and is a part of the original teachings of the peoples of the earth which were centered here in Hawaii on a continent which now, no longer exists.

There were also and this is our main interest in Hunamedical Kahuna called La’au Lapa’au; predictors called Kilokilo, or those who did divination; psychological healers called La’au Kahea; and mystical initiators, called Na’auao.