Within a year, Lolly Willowes had become the talk of the town. Today, Townsend Warner holds her place in this series as a proto-feminist who is. Sylvia Townsend Warner’s novel Lolly Willowes is an act of defiance that gladdens the soul. Put simply, it’s the story of a woman who. Sylvia Townsend Warner’s first novel (published in ) begins with year-old Lolly Willowes being sent, “as if she were a piece of family.

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It was like a compulsion.

In Lolly Willowesan ageing spinster rebels against her role as the lol,y aunt, at everybody’s beck and call. Powys whose writing influenced her own and whose work she in turn encouraged.

Lolly addresses it when, having embraced her witchy self, she has a long conversation with a middle-aged country gent who turns out to be Satan. Read it Forward Read it willowwes. When out walking, she makes a pact with a force that she takes to be Satan, to be free from such duties. Perhaps the strongest survivors were the women who had worked in the factories and found themselves with extra money, more freedom, and a yearning for more rights.

Lolly Willowes

Nation book review of Summer Will Show. Lolly Willowes calls for “a life of one’s own” three years before Virginia Woolf’s impassioned cry for a room.

As Laura goes on lollj solitary walks through the lanes, fields, and forests, she opens up more and more to the wilderness around her, and in doing so, taps into a piece of herself that had remained buried until then.

Reading this now widely accessible work—first published in —alongside more familiar texts of the period alters our perspective on the landscape of modernist British fiction; but not only, I want to suggest, for the reasons that have thus far been offered. That maybe explains The Bone Clocks. Her mind was groping after something that eluded her experience, a something that was shadowy and menacing, and yet in willowee way congenial; a something that lurked in waste places, that was hinted at by the sound of water gurgling through deep channels and by the voices of birds of ill-omen.


Laura is at one with the countryside, and its yearly round of traditions.

Lolly Willowes by Sylvia Townsend Warner – review | Books | The Guardian

To read my review, please click here: Lolly’s witchcraft is perhaps no more than a fanciful allegory, but it works beautifully. Oct 20, JacquiWine rated it really liked it. Being a person, in this world, is a failure. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Recommended to Terence by: She picks up her stuff, takes what money she has, and despite the protests of her family who “cannot do without her”, she moves to the country.

Aug 30, Christy B rated it really liked it Shelves: I loved the imagery, and whole passages that made me want to applaud. This leads her to purchase a guidebook for The Chilterns, where she first learns of the existence of the village of Great Mop.

But while her body sat before the first fires and was cosy with Henry and Caroline, her mind walked by lonely seaboards, in marshes and fens, or came at nightfall to the edge of a wood.

On long, solitary walks in the woods and fields around Great Mop, Laura responds to the magical power around her and enters a fantasy world in which she makes a deal that offers her a life of her own. There was no question of forgiving them. This is a book about witches. View all 28 comments. It’s a story of a woman who slowly and joyfully realizes her potential.

Only once does she cast her plight in terms of political anger: How she escapes all that “—to have a life of one’s own, not an lol,y doled out to you by others”, is the theme of this story.

Nov 03, Sylvester rated willoees it was ok. The quote immediately caught my eye, so I went to find out a little more about the book, and was astonished that I had never come across it before. The military is the first place that comes to mind. This article needs additional citations for verification.


Sylvia Townsend Warner’s Lolly Willowes is ‘a great shout of life’ | Books | The Guardian

I thought it would a bit of a twee Barbara Pym polly book about spinsterhood with a bit of whimsy thrown in with some witchcraft. And what is a witch in the scheme of it all? Books by Sylvia Townsend Warner. All she could do though was fill the house with flowers. She comes to dislike being called “Aunt Lolly” and to see the name as a symbol of her lack of independence.

The 100 best novels: No 52 – Lolly Willowes by Sylvia Townsend Warner (1926)

He family are astonished, they protest, but she goes anyway. Finally, he proposes marriage to a London visitor, Pandora Williams, who has treated his wasp stings, and the two retreat to London. British writer Sylvia Townsend Warner is best known for the short stories that appeared over decades in Loloy New Yorker.

I think of her as my guardian witch, wit Laura Lolly Willowes rejects men and societal conventions in order to move to the country and become a witch. She died at age Feb 18, Hilary rated it liked it Shelves: There was a wonderful mixture of delicate observation, wry knowingness and love for the story being told; all of that made it feel very special.

I will leave it up to you to discover willodes secrets along with Laura. Magical omniscience in a human character is all very well, but the utmost certainty that is never countered or translated into self-reflexivity does not feed my desire for development.