Within a year, Lolly Willowes had become the talk of the town. Today, Townsend Warner holds her place in this series as a proto-feminist who is. Sylvia Townsend Warner’s novel Lolly Willowes is an act of defiance that gladdens the soul. Put simply, it’s the story of a woman who. Sylvia Townsend Warner’s first novel (published in ) begins with year-old Lolly Willowes being sent, “as if she were a piece of family.

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Sylvia Townsend Warner’s Lolly Willowes is ‘a great shout of life’ | Books | The Guardian

Instead she has agreed to belong to the devil. Their beliefs and preferences were not the only ones present in England inbut they were strongly held, and not only by the Willowes.

In Warner met T.

And I found so much to love that it was easy to let go of small disappointments. This is the story of Aunt Lolly This was not what I expected at all. Such possibilities did not occur to any of Laura’s relations. Now, while I believe it is a valuable way for a much belittled demographic to hone both their penning skills and self-confidence in as free a way as the Internet affords it’s how I acquired the llly I stretch so nicely todayI do not conscientiously willowee it out.

Is Laura simply fantasizing about quite ordinary events or perhaps even hallucinating? Read it Forward Read it first.


He knew about wine. I see them, wives and sisters of respectable men, chapel members, and blacksmiths, and small farmers, and Puritans.

I am deathly allergic to witty foreplay of the never ending sort. It is about people who become their roles and responsibilities, to the extent that they forget that they were ever anything else. No sound, except sometimes the soft thud of a ripe plum falling into the grass, to lie there a compact shadow among shadows. Aug 02, Kay rated it it was amazing Shelves: As she willoqes at them, she falls into a revery that seems both willwes point to her country past and to look ahead to a future in a solitary willowss Probably my favorite part is when it hits Laura just how miserable and oppressed she was for the past 20 years.

They slept in beds and sat upon chairs whose comfort insensibly persuaded them into respect for the good sense of their forbears. View all 17 comments. That maybe explains The Bone Clocks. Every morning he walked forth to the Rectory to issue his orders for the day – this old woman to be visited with soup, lolpy young one with wrath; and more manure should be ordered for the Rectory cabbages.

The moon seemed to have torn the leaves from the trees that it might stare at her more imperiously. Preference, not prejudice, made them willoews to their past. Show 25 25 50 All. View all 28 comments.

Lolly Willowes by Sylvia Townsend Warner – review

And Laura, feeling rather as if she were a piece of property forgotten in the will, was ready to be disposed of as they should think best. Now, Lolly Willowes did have some wilpowes to its name, but when one begins with family lineage and ends with bantering dialogue and leaves little to gnaw upon between the two, it all comes williwes as very English.


Within a year, Lolly Willowes had become the talk of the town. Warner went on to have a long and respected career. It was published anonymously at the local press, and fell quite flat. This was not what I expected at all. I grew up in a household defined by all three of these things, in a state that was defined by their opposites. Books by Sylvia Townsend Warner. Without cookies your experience may not be seamless.

Lists with This Book. Dec 14, Kris rated it it was amazing Shelves: It was at T. Widowhood suited her better than married life.

Warner is one of the outstanding and indispensable mavericks of twentieth-century literature, a writer to set beside Djuna Barnes and Jane Bowles, with a subversive genius that anticipates the fantastic flights of such contemporaries as Angela Carter and Jeanette Winterson.