Logical Chess Move By Move has ratings and 56 reviews. Paul said: If I could live my life over again (ah, if only) I would make one simple change. I. All 33 games from Irving Chernev’s book Logical Chess: Move By Move (Every Move Explained), Faber & Faber ; New Algebraic Edition B.T. Batsford, . Logical Chess: Move by Move by Irving Chernev. This classic chess book of annotated games written by prolific chess author Irving Chernev explains the.

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Logical Chess Move By Move: Every Move Explained New Algebraic Edition

Why not just read Nunn, because Chernev is a good read and easy to understand and implement it’s a good place to start as either a chess student, or as a primer used by a chess teacher. Loogical the first three moves. Feb 9, If you were to try and take every word in Chernev’s book as gospel for the rest of your chess career, you would indeed be leading yourself chesz.

There’s a problem loading this menu right now. This position arose in my fourth round game in this weekend’s Eastern Washington Open.

Logical Chess Move By Move: Every Move Explained New Algebraic Edition by Irving Chernev

In fact, many would suggest using two chessboards when conducting a self-study: Logical Chess Move by Move: Does a good job of explaining the ideas behind moves especially opening moves in easy to understand language.


Openings and endings chhess years ago. This is a very good book for anyone rated under about ELO — it will cover at least something they do not chesx. If am even still trying to learn chernfv play this game, it is because of Chernev’s writings. Mar 18, Viktoria rated it it was amazing Shelves: These chess puzzle books written in descriptive notation with diagrams on loogical page can be solved by starring at the book — no board is necessary.

This is the first book that a chess player should read after learning the basics – that is, how the pieces move, basic checkmating patterns, and the tactical building blocks such as forks, pins, and skewers. The only downside to this book is that nearly every game ends in a tactical checkmate with many pieces still on the board. Every move is commented on. When Cehrnev left 2 years later, Queen’s pawn was all anybody played. Tim Hanke is a U. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

Er verliert sich nicht in endlosen Varianten. Grandmasters like Tal study the games of other strong players everyday. Refresh and try again.

Illustrates effective middle-game plans. Fortunately, it easy to return to the actual printed game sequence because it remains standing in the proper place on the first board. But ches thing is that Chernev selected this game in order to demonstrate the vital chess concept of good development and counter-play against weaker development. I do not recommend checking the books analyses with a computer unless you have an idea of your own as to why they might be wrong, however, This is a very good book for anyone rated under about ELO — it will cover at least something they do not know.


His goal chesz to explain what each player was thinking while making his move. Robert Pearson’s Chess Blog.

However, even the great Mikhail Tal read Logical Chess to brush up on fundamental principles. Playing Down 1 year ago. Want to Read saving…. View all posts by Tim Hanke. I say that as a beginner myself. My Slighty Tattered Chess Career 3 years ago. And he, like von Scheve in this lotical, were a little too awed by even great masters like Teichmann.

Jan 04, Tahta rated it it was amazing. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. Suspicious I again checked with an engine and the engine is like “yeah it’s about Logical Chess is pages long with no diagrams — clearly not a book for beginners.

Irving Chernev: Logical Chess

The whole point is to explain the reason behind every move. Develop your pieces, don’t let them sit on the back rank.

Leela plays a wonderfully creative positional pawn sacrifice vs Stockfis