Princesa Sultana Sua Vida, Sua Luta * Resenha Do Livro on WN Network delivers the latest Videos and Editable pages for News & Events, including. Agora, neste novo livro, “Sultana” fala-nos das suas duas filhas: uma que se atreveu a ter uma relação proibida, com outra mulher; a segunda que se tornou. Confira também os eBooks mais vendidos, lançamentos e livros digitais exclusivos. Princesa sultana – Trilogia da princesa: Sua vida, sua luta. Jean Sasson.

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And when things were at their worst, you had unlimited financial resources and gullible private plane pilots at your disposal so you could run away undetected, taking your children with you.

Sultana by Jean Sasson (3 star ratings)

As a reader I was engrossed to find if Sultana can ever have a life she cherished. Along with a girl who’s grandfather was an SS officer and so feels guilty of his sins.

What do you think about this?

The pace is fast, the writing confessional and too ‘feminine’ for my taste, but Shltana did learn a lot even if exaggeration’s involved. Being able to drive is a wonderful thing. I long to know about Italia and Fiery, those courageous women who tried their hardest to save other helpless Yemenis women but the book failed to share more about that. A land which is the home of the religion of justice breeds so much injustice, it is unfathomable.

Princess: Secrets to Share

By reading the bookI understand that Saudi Arabian women don’t have any right to live by themselves and they have to obey all the restricted rules say to do.

So coming online I saw there are more books to read. First of all let me start by saying this book is not for the faint of heart, it involves a lot of heart wrenchinggut tearing real life happenings that will make the strongest of strong brake down in tears.


Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. No one seems to notice this. Btw, during that 14 hour car trip I was driving part way. If it ain’t broke for prnicesa why bother to care about it changing? In the previous Book, Sultana mainly talked about her childhood life.

And prjncesa, Princess Sultana is definitely not. It took me forever to get through it, because the book failed over and over again to catch my attention and engage me.

Considering slavery was outlawed by the mutual agreement of all nations the laws concerning the slaves no longer apply. The True Story of Life Behind the Veil in Saudi Arabia Princess Al-Saud and author Jean Sasson began a compelling series which focused not only on the life of the Princess and the Royal family, but on the treatment of women in Saudi Arabia — many of whom were denied the most basic human rights. I felt I’m the one talking to the Princess.

And such a blatant agenda! Bagaimanakah rasanya menjadi seorang putri di lingkungan kerajaan yang hartanya melimpah? It has occurred to me mainly throughout this website’s reviews that the reliability of this book being a biography may be weak. View all 15 comments. Foreign editions will be available throughout the next year. You won’t want the curse of wealth after you see what men who have nothing to work for and no way to entertain themselves, do with their wealth.

The many atrocities mentioned as to have been committed in the name of faith and Islam has no basis in it at all.


When the Kuwaiti Embassy in Washington heard that soldiers sent to free Kuwait did not know why they were there, the Embassy sentcopies to the region. This book gives you a VERY rare insight into the unimagineable wealth of the oil countries. Nov 22, Tricia rated it did not like ljvro Shelves: She traveled extensively, visiting 66 countries over the course of 30 years.


Um retrato implacavel de horror e crueldade vivido pelas mulheres arabes Filha da Casa Real da Arabia Saudita, Sultana e uma lutadora rebelde zultana com seu destino o mesmo de geracao de mulheres submetidas a realidade de total restricao e impedimentos imposta pelas intituicoes familiares, religiosas e sociais no Oriente madio. Write a customer review. An interesting read, gives you a good insight into life in Saudi and royal life.

For those who read the book, don’t you think she did that on purpose, so nonbelievers will hate Islam more than they already do? Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The narrative mainly consisted of Sultana saying how important “her work” is, and how many millions she gives to women’s causes. She does mention some sulrana of what happened to other women, but her tone is often self-pitying.

Princess; December Buddy 43 31 Dec 18, The Princess says several times that Islam is not to blame for women’s oppression in Saudi Arabia. The sons are taught the same attitude their fathers have, which means very little interaction with their sisters. Want to Read saving….

Islam is no way about what they were- are- doing. Sultanapun memberontak dengan caranya. What was originally meant to show honor and reverance to women has been construed into a barless prison for them.