Highlights info row . viaje a ixtlan added 11 new photos to the album: images. September 29 ·. DESCARGA +++libro 7 de 13+++ eda, Este libro es muy bello, te hace reflexionar hasta lo mas profundo de tu ser y a la vez te deleita con los personajes. El primero en mostrar el verdadero.

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Jul 05, Eric rated it it was amazing. Yet the book’s faux naif style succeeds in making it just as real as it was before Castaneda’s trickery was discovered. Jul 01, Lauren rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: It seems to me that all the ideas in that book have been articulated a million times before, although in more individualized, artistic and passionate language.

That world, Castaneda and his world, are phantoms. For example, a heightened sense of awareness brought on by silence, or observation, or exertion, or viewing nature such as sunrise, sunset, thunderstorms or night time in a wilderness setting. When I came to Carlos, my trusty pen worked overtime. Anyway, this book goes into my all-time favorites list because of how its teachings so shaped who I became as an adult. This book moved me.

Supporters claim the books are either true or at least valuable works of philosophy and descriptions of practices, which enable an increased awareness. One can erase personal history by not revealing what one really does, and by leaving everyone who knows one well. The book is full of incomprehensible statements and alternate ways of looking at reality which are difficult to understand–at least this was my experience.

The journey to Ixtlan is not for the weak. Well, almost 10 years has it been now, since I read this book.


Journey to Ixtlan

Castaneda presents the information in great, satisfying detail. So if you are only planning on reading one, pick this one.

So Castaneda and don Juan were discredited, and the man who had sold a total of something iztlan 28 million books faded away. I really appreciated the fact that he disregarded his original emphasis on the significance of phsychotropic drugs in the teachings of Don Juan and really focused more on the changing of one’s consciousness without using drugs. Just didn’t click with me. Para Don Juan Matus el mundo es un lugar vasto e inexplicable en donde la magia abunda.

Upon arriving, I discovered that, not only had I forgotten the list of books, I had no idea how to navigate the nonfiction section.

Academic critics claim the books are works of fiction, citing the books’ internal contradictions, discrepancies between the books and anthropological data, alternate sources for Castaneda’s detailed knowledge of shamanic practices and lack of corroborating evidence.

He weaves the concepts of some modern philosophers into an entertaining tale, filled with ideas to ponder and discuss. I am not sure why I held off reading Castaneda’s works for so long, perhaps I just wasn’t at a place to enjoy them, who knows.

It is books like this that I really enjoy finding.

Viaje a Ixtlan : Las Lecciones de Don Juan

There are many spiritual guide type of books that just don’t do it for me. Books by Carlos Castaneda. I started back towards the doorway but paused, ixtan to leav Hm.

From Tales of Power on, I give the books five stars.

I remember being a small child. An older friend of mine recommended it to me. For a minute or so, I wandered aimlessly with nothing but the name “Carlos” in my head.

Journey to Ixtlan by Carlos Castaneda

I looked up at the shelf, and there it was! Want to Read saving…. Return to Book Page. Although it appears to be the case that Castaneda, the author, fabricated some of the material appearing in his accounts, including that of his doctoral dissertation which begins the series, it also appears to be the case that he knows a good deal about altered s This is the third volume of the trilogy including The Teachings of Don Juan and A Separate Reality.


One way to read this is as a Tao-like tome — to stop trying to control the world and to fit in as one among the many. Ixtpan for telling us about the problem. His antics and personality are so like myself that I cannot help but love the character.

What baffles me the itlan is that skeptics-and I was ixtkan on the impossibility of the story without so much as trying any of the prescribed techniques. Although it appears to be the lobro that Castaneda, the author, fabricated some of the material appearing in his accounts, including that of his doctoral dissertation which begins the series, it also appears to be the case that he knows a good deal about altered states of consciousness.

A fog will thus be built up around oneself. If you are seeking metaphysical understanding, then reject these works as literal truth – but decide for yourself whether they serve you well as allegory and metaphor. Also, these books are not about peyote or other drugs. No matter what he does, he must first know why he is doing it, and then must proceed with his actions without having doubts or remorse about them.