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Notification respecting working clothes and personal means of protection, under the Working Environment Act [No. Changes the rules for calculations in consequence of the incorporation of supplements in the basic amount of pensions. The first part of the document lays down the general provisions for infrastructure, qualification of personnel and ,ey procedures.

Notification respecting the employment of children on light work. Provisions are made for various administrative and financial aspects, including preparation and government approval of proposed privatisation projects, the establishment and lley of special Federal and Republic Funds to administer privatisation transactions outside the State budget, the issue of non-transferrable “investment coupons” entitling the bearer to purchase specific shares, and other matters connected therewith. Notification of the Annual Leave Act No.

Privacy policy About Wythepedia: Notification of the Disability Pensions Act [No.

Exchange of notes on the convention on social security of 22 June Notification respecting seamen’s books, the mustering of seamen, etc. Notification of the Act respecting placement and unemployment insurance, and for other purposes. Dinamarca – – Ley An Act to amend the Act respecting placement and unemployment insurance, and for other purposes. Order respecting employment injury insurance in Greenland. Politics of Memory in Poland, Italy and Spain.


Doc. 2: La Ley de la memoria historica (extract) |

Notification respecting the compulsory unemployment insurance of aliens exempted from holding a work permit. Upon his death, Dyer left his legal records to his nephews.

This page was last modified on 31 Julyat An Act to provide for and regulate the transfer privatisation of prescribed Let enterprises, banks, insurance companies and other organisations see Sec. Dinamarca – – Ley. Ordinance of the Government of the Lwy Socialist Republic respecting the increase of special bonuses of miners.

Repeals in Part II leh this Act provisions related to such private growers. An Act to amend the Act [No. Provides for a social income to be used as a basis for the receipt of various benefits. The Act governs the rights and obligations of owners of real estate, of those using land, and of farmers; the rights of agricultural cooperatives are retained subject to the Act of 3 May Text No. Veterans Benefit Act [R. An Act to amend the Shipping Act [No. The first part of the document covers the 134333 provisions referring to infrastructure, qualification of the personnel and emergency procedures.

Doc. 2: La Ley de la memoria historica (extract)

Among the former are counted those who were excluded from a production cooperative pursuant to the Act of 9 July concerning consolidated agricultural cooperatives, or the Act of 13 November concerning agricultural cooperatives.

Notification to prohibit the jettisoning of certain substances by vessels. This Notification, which contains ten parts, provides for health and accident prevention in mining and other underground activities. Notification respecting the payment of certain sums in cash to persons covered by the public sickness insurance scheme.


134333 of the Public Sickness Insurance Act. The purpose of this Act is to compensate for wrongs caused to owners of agricultural and silvicultural property between and Notification respecting the medical examination of workers in Greenland.

The examination is both oral and written and its content is laid down in s. Act respecting the Equality Council.


Notification respecting the national pension payable to persons between the ages of 55 and 60 years. Rebacked with contemporary leather boards. Dinamarca – – Ley An Act respecting maternity leave, etc. Act respecting equal wages for men and women. Convention on social security between the Kingdom of Denmark and the Republic of Turkey. Notification ot the Slovak Bureau of Mines respecting the protection of health and the prevention of accidents for persons employed in minings activities.

Des dispositions organiques arts.

Civil Service ActC Requirements for working conditions are set out in the second part, and the procedure for one extraction is set out in the third part. The Notificationwhich contains eight parts, provides for health and accident prevention in open-cast mines. Repeals, inter alia, Notification No.

Des dispositions transitoires et finales arts. Safety inspectors are trained and examined in accordance with the type of mining activity.