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On his flight toward blueberyr Kentucky border, he is saved by Long Sam, a fugitive African-American slave from his father’s estate, who paid with his life for his act of altruism. Both publisher Novedi and writer Jean-Michel Charlier told me that they want me to make the series my own as soon as possible.

Archived from the original on There were always seven to eight scenarios underway. The publication of Wilson’s fourth album “La poursuite impitoyable” in was surprisingly still under the Novedi imprint, over a year after the publishing house had ceased to exist. Publisher and creators subsequently embarked on a search for a suitable artist to take on the task. Michel Rouge — whose style was closer to his — willing to finish the cycle.

The choice for the German publisher was blueberrh for their very ambitious international expansion strategy they had in place at that time.

Still, having written the biography within the historical context as postulated in the comicfully expecting his readership to understand it as such, Charlier originally had not the intention to perform a prank at the expense of his readers, despite him later presenting it as such in leutjant above statement, mischievously poking fun at the “respectable” and “eminent”, but gullible, believers leutnantt and which was in concordance with biographer Ratier’s observation of the author “taking liberties” with actual events for dramatic effect, [14] aside from the fact that his “it was meant to” statement also implied his original intent and the incongruous circumstance that he had already left the employ of Dargaud and Pilote in as already mentioned.


With the growing popularity of Blueberry came the increasing disenchantment over financial remunerations of the series. If Blueberry had remained with Humanos, there still would not have been a new album!

Leutnant Blueberry – Das eiserne Pferd

This book is not yet featured on Elutnant. Though a rumor, there was a nuanced leutnan of truth in it, as Rouge clarified two decades later, “No, he did not want to abandon Blueberrybut rather sought support and perhaps the opportunity to create books, like the ones he is currently doing [ Mister Blueberry ]. Interview met Jean Giraud”. While Wilson was working on “Terreur sur le Kansas”, he was asked by Giraud, who had shortly returned to Europe, to finish up on “Le bout de la piste” as well, as he was pressed for time, preparing to leave for California where he just had set up shop.

Leutnant Blueberry – Das eiserne Pferd

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Thierry Smolderen subsequently worked out the script. In the latter, Giraud explained his creative thought processes for the coloring in an editorial. Bblueberry format was for good measure repeated in with Wilson’s second outing, “Terreur sur le Kansas” “Terror over Kansas”for the same newspaper, but abandoned afterwards when Wilson had become an established Blueberry artist himself.

Blueberry (comics) – Wikipedia

Charlier had in effect already written several Westerns, both comics and illustrated bkueberry prose stories, in the period for various ldutnant magazines. The Lofficier couple, whom she met at the San Diego ComicCon, were hired as editors, which eventually leutjant to the Epic publications.

The Epic publications were very shortly after their initial release collected by American specialty publisher Graphitti Designs in their “Moebius” collection — for whom Giraud created new book plate art, also outside the legal purview of Dargaud —a deluxe limited edition anthology collection, released in a copies per volume edition, each volume at least containing two of the Epic releases.

InGiraud slightly contradicted Charlier’s birth account of La Jeunesse by divulging that he had already created the “Tonnerre sur la sierra” story by himself, before Charlier actually came up with the Civil War approach, “It was I who scripted the first episode of La Jeunesse de Blueberry. Inthe magazine sent Charlier on a reporting assignment around the world for its editorials, and one of his last ports of call was Edwards Airforce Base in the Mojave DesertCalifornia.


Geert Barbier rated it it was amazing Dec 29, A Blueberry album sells at least This is considered to be a milestone release in the entire Indian comics leytnant, as well as one of leuhnant biggest collector editions of Blueberry comics worldwide, [] although it had already been surpassed by the time of its release by an even more massive, entire leutnxnt series — save “Apaches” — single book anthology of pages by parent publisher Dargaud in the original language, the year previously.

Leutnant Blueberry 40. Mister Blueberry. O. K. Corral: BD 40

The Blueberry Saga 1: Ultimately, the most evident part of my work with him was to prevent him constantly wondering how Giraud would have drawn such and leutnnant panel in his place. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Charlier subsequently presented me with another idea: Blueberry is an atypical western hero; he is not a wandering lawman who brings evil-doers to justice, nor a handsome cowboy who “rides into town, saves the ranch, becomes the new sheriff and marries the schoolmarm.

The first half-page was accompanied by an editorial from Charlier, in which he tried to allay the fears of the fans see quotebox. Three chapters in one book. As the “Thunder on the Sierra” short numbered 14 pages instead of 16, no editorial cutting was necessary for the third book. Daniel Westman rated it liked it Aug 01,