*FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In The Breakdown of Nations Leopold Kohr shows that, throughout history, people living in small states are happier. 9 Results Leopold Kohr. Follow. Follow on Amazon. Follow authors to get new release updates, plus improved recommendations and more coming soon. The first time I ever came across the name of Leopold Kohr was in a footnote of an obscure little academic volume called Size and Democracy, where he was.

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This is why despite the present happy-talk about the U. To ask other readers questions about The Breakdown of Nationsplease sign up. In fact, the more subject members it has, the better it is. Inin StockholmSweden, Kohr received the Right Livelihood Award”for his early inspiration of the movement for a human scale.

Or consider the rise of the domestic police state. The only difficulty is that our concept of the function of society is less clear than that of the function of a home. Consider North Korea, which illustrates very well the power theory of aggression. What is the proper or optimum size? Globalization promised universal prosperity, but instead has made the rich richer, slowly and painfully begun wiping out the American middle class, and created legions of unemployed or underemployed poor people — precariat is the term some writers are now using for this new class.

Both concepts have been brought to the attention of the general public in a book, the bestseller Small is Beautiful.

Leopold Kohr

Skip to koyr Toggle navigation. For once the team necessary to administer a growing social enterprise becomes itself so large that it can no longer be encompassed by the vision of its presiding officer, any addition to kobr team would henceforth not enhance but diminish administrative efficiency [ 2 ]. Trivia About The Breakdown of Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. For differences in taste, temperament, and culture patterns give a wide elasticity to a person’s concept of shelter.


Leopold Kohr, Optimum Size ()

In addition It would make the individual share of maintaining the communal meeting place more burdensome. If there leopolx no contrary power base to retaliate against the bullying, it will grow worse, as with a cancer. Aug 08, Alasdair Martin rated it really liked it Shelves: Andrew rated it really liked it Jan 27, AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally.

While cancers differ, all are abnormal, chaotic, cell growths that disrupt their surroundings and eventually destroy the life of their host.

The total is raised from ,ohr to possible relationships for the unit, an increase in complexity of per cent in return for a 20 per cent increase in working capacity. The kohhr is ripe for a rediscovery of Leopold Kohr. Essays in Southern History and Culture Clyde Wilson A Collection of insightful essays on how Southerners think of themselves in the light of how they are perceived by outside cultural elites.

Kohr saw that the two superpowers were on collision course, and unless one or both collapsed from within, the leopol would be a third world war. Innow 64, he moved to rural Wales, taught for a while at the University College kohe Wales Aberystwyth, lent his support to a Welsh independence movement, and published Development Without Aid: Leopoold, her having told the euro-crats to take a hike could destabilize the EU and lead to a stampede of other nations out, beginning with Italy and Spain.

Similarly, a society outgrowing certain proportions will at first become a bad, or critical, society by koht standards of its original purposes, and ultimately cease to be a society in the individualistic sense at all. There are good reasons for federalism. Investments would leave the country, a sign of disapproval by globalists. This is a manifesto, not a detached and dry academic treatise.


As history has shown and logic suggests, a society numbering fromtomembers seems sufficient to furnish it. He observed with great interest the mostly self-contained separatist movements of Aragon and Catalonia within Spain, before returning to his native Austria. This is why smaller medieval societies developed faster than the larger ones.

Hebra emphasized an approach to skin diseases based on the microscopic examination of skin lesions. Theoretically, the convivial function could be satisfied by a society numbering no more than three or four individuals. But if political units remained small, the capacity of rogue states to do damage, e.

And lastly, when the internal pressures of oversize are joined by the external pressures emanating from equally large rival societies, even convivial leisure time may have to be sacrificed [ 4 ].

The latter is probably a fair description of American crony capitalism, with its political class essentially owned by Wall Street and other lobbyists.

Explosions of aggression by a government against its own people also result from a size and scope of governmental entities that diminish accountability: These include breaking their own laws if there is no greater power to hold them in check.

Unlike most articles on Britannica. Especially in the last years it was often cited in regards to the economic crisis inside the Euro zone, interpreting the Euro crises as “a crisis of bigness”.

Connolly rated it it was amazing Jan 21, A Pair of Cranks by Leopold Kohr Dutton edition of Leopold Kohr’s Breakdown of Nations. We have stated part of it.