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Quo fiel a traduo ao original? Plural of nouns and adjectives ending in -oThe ending -o becomes -es in most cases, e. Part A covers traditional grammatical categoriessuch as agreement, nouns, verbs and adjectives. Plural of nouns and adjectives ending in -mThe letter -m ztualizada -ns, e. Segui as instrues risca.

She looks like her father. I bought a novel and a magazine, which I leafed through during the afualizada. She claims I attacked her, which is not true. As 114416 lawyer, I cant comment. Atuaizada that right, Bob? My dad gave me some money. The weather was bad that day. They are used instead of que to avoid possible confusion, or when the relative pronoundoes not immediately follow the antecedent: Similarly,de voc may be used for your to avoid ambiguity: Note that many originally single-gender nouns become two-gender when used to refer tohuman beings: In combination with the preposition por, the demonstrative adverbs each have two possiblemeanings: Meu pai me deu um dinheiro.


Tomara que no chova. The gender of compound nounsThe gender of a hyphenated compound noun is usually determined by the gender of thefirst noun in the compound, e. Aa berries are good for you. Hell pay dearly for what hes done. They were dancing like crazy.

I prefer this skirt to the one I tried atuapizada before. Do you have any brothers? Relative pronoun see Chapter 10 A relative pronoun is a word such as que, quem, onde, etc.

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Omission of possessives O Rafael entende atualizqda computador. By then itll all be forgotten. This doesnt just harm them, it harms us too.

Do you know how much he earns? A few adjectives can be used with the masculine singular definite article o to mean the.

Ill go with you. Tense see Chapter 18 Tenses are different forms of the verb that refer to different times. In English, you have to add a noun such as man, boy; woman,girl; person, people if there is no distinct word for the noun meaning. They say that French wines are the best in the world. Do you have any brothers and sisters?


She put her bag on the chair next to her. The adverb l forms some idiomatic expressions of this type: Gostou do meu culos novo? A gente se divertiu muito aquele dia, no? Voc no pode ficar nessa de sair toda noite. A Amrica do Sul foi colonizada por portugueses e espanhis: Quais alunos foram reprovados? The hotels on the other side of the river.

Unlike English, a pronoun subject usually precedes the verb even after an interrogative: Esses papis so meus. Conheci a ele e ao diretor.

lei 11416 atualizada em pdf printer

Vou fritar uns ovos. Como voc fala bem portugus! Adjectives with phonetic changes in the pluralThe same adjectives that have the closed [o] sound in the masculine singular and the open[] sound in the feminine singular see 2. Note the expressions o lado de c this side and o lado de l the other side, the far side: Ele mora em Atualizwda.

Ele me roubou a carteira. Unlike English, Portuguese uses a small initial letter for: Voc de que cidade no Canad?