Laurell K. Hamilton is a full-time writer and the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series and the Merry Gentry series. Buy a cheap copy of The Lunatic Cafe book by Laurell K. Hamilton. The zombie- raising business gets slow in December, so Anita Blake is starting to see some. Vampire hunter and zombie animator Anita Blake is an expert at sniffing out the bad from the good. But in The Lunatic Cafe-now in trade paperback for the.

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His feelings seemed more real and I wanted him to have Anita, his teaching job and a peaceful normal life. Let’s take a look at the people I hated on this book: Circus of the Damned.

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But I feel sorry for poor Richard. The mystery itself was interesting and helped keep up the pace. I thought, what the heck and started reading.

I love my stuffed alpaca, which I hold all night long. Ragged furrows ran down the right side of his face. But in The Lunatic Cafe -now in trade paperback for the first time-she’s about to learn that nothing is ever as it seems, especially in matters of the not-so-human heart. She’s completely self-righteous and probably the biggest monster of th It’s a bit sad how Hamilton has some decent storylines, but manages to deliver them so poorly and secondary that the main point of this novel is a date-off between Jean-Claude and Richard.

Again with Richards stupid ass.


The Lunatic Cafe by Laurell K. Hamilton | : Books

Feb 22, Amanda rated it it was ok Shelves: You can look forward to Anita’s verbal confron I’m always in search of a good vampire story, so I read the first four Anita Blake books. This Side of the Grave. If I were a man, I’d be running the other direction from her. Once alone with Anita, Kaspar reveals that he has been sent by Marcus, who has asked Kaspar to apologize for the previous night and ask for Anita’s help in solving the shapeshifter disappearance.

I had to smile. Hamilton had a potentially interesting concept creating a world where most supernatural elements hamilhon real and integrated into society. She contacts her office and learns that Bert had put Elvira in contact with Louie Fanewho is now also missing. Sins of the Night.

Anita arrives home to find both Richard and Jean-Claude waiting for her. Anita claims she hamillton the vampire And when they actually attempt to solve the mystery, it is pretty good.

Her stupid penguin collection. Or maybe they are just getting better because I read them in order.

I don’t I do not find a fun moment with Richard at all. I would like to see Anita give in to Richard a little but she really never does and that vafe a major part of her character, keeping her focus.

The Lunatic Cafe

Within the novel, the “Lunatic Cafe” is the name of a restaurant that is operated by and serves as a base for St. It also required no sleuthing, it was a bit of a cookie cutter ending where everything fell into place a bit too neatly just so that the book This latest instalment of the Anita Blake vampire hunter series was an odd one At the nature center, Anita is confronted by Deputy Aikensen, who tries to prevent her from investigating.


Louisthe non-wolf shifters dispute his authority. The men are close to blows over Richard’s presence in her apartment and Jean-Claude’s insistence that Anita date him as well as Richard. Anita stabs Aikensen, and she and Edward leave, allowing Richard to take the now transformed Jason out to hunt, just as the police begin to arrive.

After getting that off my chest And Anita takes this bit of sophistry seriously. You can get a lot of info out of those albeit told with a same formula, it is not much either.

The Lunatic Cafe by Laurell K. Hamilton

Descriptions of clothes and the not really interesting love triangle get more paragraphs than the actual story – which is really sad even for hamilto lit. It also required no sleuthing, it was a bit of a cookie cutter ending where everything fell into place a bit too neatly just so that the book could end nice and tidy. That’s my Head Cannon anyway Because she is still unable to drive, Zerbrowski picks her up.

Jan 02, Pages Buy. Yeah, I’ll buy that.

Or maybe teach her how to sleep – something this character hasn’t managed for 4 books.