LATINKA PEROVIĆ. vrati se nazad. Are you a feminist? No. What do you consider the most feminine about you? My tone. What do you first think of when you. English: Latinka Perović. Date, 29 November , Source, http://www. ?photoId=&eventId= Dr Latinka Perović. Belgrade, Dr Latinka Perović * Belgrade, The St. Vitus Day Constitution of June 29, , Yugoslavia’s First Constitution.

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Latinka Perovic book review

That can be seen throughout Serbian political history. This happened with Nikola Pasic, who helped to found the Radical Party. Nongovernment organizations are sometimes not very broad, not many women are engaged. We are now entering an important period, but also a dramatic and dangerous period.

Unfortunately, as regards a solution to the case, we are today exactly were we were in October. In her writings and studies on modern Serbia, she often emphasizes that Serbia needs a politician who perovix publicly claim responsibility for the destruction wrought in the former Peroviv in order to help the reconciliation with the neighboring states and prevent the recurrence of this kind of tragedy.

Therefore, they represent key actors in recovering the moral health of the country. Finally, let me say that, to be successful, truth commissions, in our context, have to emulate the multiethnic and multifaith nature of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in order to eliminate ethnic and religious intolerance.

I have always been fascinated by the fact that, in our history, one party rules hegemonically for a long time but then disappears almost completely after the death of its leader.


Only a few Serb politicians dissented from that view. That was one period.

Latinka Perović

He takes on responsibility, and he has to learn to compromise. This means that we, to some extent, excluded ourselves from humanity. Introduction Between the two world wars, the historiography usually interpreted the constitution of the Yugoslav state as the achievement of centennial aspiration of the people of same or similar ethnic origin. It will be very frustrating, but we must do it to overcome the losses of the past and the complete lack of confidence that our neighbors have in us.

May Learn how and when to remove this template message. What are the main causes for the poor position of women in Serbia today? Willy Brandt was a unique figure who demonstrated tremendous moral courage in his opposition to Nazism.

Eastern European societies are essentially peasant societies. Serbia also has a very slim liberal tradition, very slim…. Retrieved from ” https: This is best illustrated by a number of constitutional drafts political, ethnic and religious opposition and outstanding individuals had put forward — in parallel with the governmental draft — all of which revealing the complexity of the then state.

I am able to look at things from the other side. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Women were left exposed to misfortune, violence, loss — of both property and family. If you wish to use this contentyou do not need to request permission as long as you follow any licensing requirements mentioned on this page. Now, with the arrest, many politicians and top military officials will have to change their position.

There are other voices, in universities, print and electronic media, student movements, and nongovernmental organizations, who have also consistently criticized the official politics of Serbia since the late s.


File:Latinka Perović.jpg

In these kinds of situations, my opinion lafinka that it is best for things to evolve naturally and not politically. It would open the door to further conflicts, and I think that that would be dangerous in a small society like ours.

And thus far, we have only had the simulation of political competition. Do you support a lustration scheme for Yugoslavia? But so are specifics, and we sometimes ignore them. Today, if we do not respect the agreements that we have signed, we will be ostracized.

Are our positions not always at least partially infused with personal impressions? Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. It is above all an internal necessity to recover a sense of moral and ethical responsibility.

How do you then justify, even historically, your position of liberalism being a part of communism? Do you think this is their individual choice?

I really do think education is crucial. They continued to conduct themselves accordingly in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. In some aspects, universality is important. I watched the girls who interviewed us.

Do you perovi that as being a problem in Serbia as well? We need to avail ourselves of every opportunity to come to terms with the past, even if it would of course be easier to do so only with like-minded individuals.