The Lancea Sanctum are a Kindred religious covenant who believe themselves descended from Longinus the centurion who speared Jesus’. Unfortunately, Lancea Sanctum speaks far too much in vague generalities and adds little new and interesting material to this Covenant. And I get the same impression with the Lancea Sanctum. The book does give an awful lot of information about what the Lancea Sanctum is, and how it’s.

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The Lancea et Sanctum libraries are the most extensive of all Kindred covenants. Which I think is kind of neat. The most inhuman of sanctkm inhuman race, they exalt the role of predator. Retrieved from ” http: Login or Sign Up Log in with.

In fact, covenant law prohibits members from refusing any such petition. Originally posted by Gwyn chan ‘r Gwyll View Post. I am not some godless beast who stalks beneath the dark grandeur of sanctity. Return to Book Page. He took some weapon and call on his guards – but could not killed me as I was Kindred. Leading mortals to temptation and punishing those who give in is standard practice for the Sanctified.

Some Saints even have their own “Saint’s Night” that is celebrated as Apostolica within their home Domain. I am God’s holy lanvea, the drinker of mankind.

The Lancea Sanctum | Vampire the Requiem: Court and Commonwealth | Obsidian Portal

If you must criticize, always offer advice to the creator on how they could improve, or even suggest alternative solutions to fix a problem you can see. Matt Howe rated it liked it Sancctum 12, To be true to the teachings of Longinus and the purposes of the Almighty, a Sanctified has to be a predator and no longer even pretend to be one of the kine from which he came.


Thereafter, Longinus was cursed to live eternally, but he could walk only at night and subsist only on the same blood that had proved his undoing. JavaScript is currently disabled. Covenant leadership frowns on such brazen behavior and has been known to chastise or dispose of Sanctified who draw too much attention. Aaron rated it liked it Feb 11, Due to the nature of Theban Sorcery the reliance on Academics as a skillthis has actually turned the Ssnctum et Sanctum into a covenant that specializes in collecting vampire lore.

Ian rated it really liked it Aug 20, Chris De Lasombra rated it it was amazing Mar 30, Of course, violent members, having taken philosophical lessons of superiority over the kine to heart, consider killing witnesses to vampiric acts an acceptable means of maintaining secrecy.

It’s also the covenant with the most easily accepted reasoning for why you are a vampire, at least in the default western setting. Originally posted by Blue Thomas View Post. Any Lay Priest who oversteps their authority and performs Apostolica will be severly punished. Lqncea Contact Us Go to top.

When the Caliph collected the pets and organized them together, it is alleged that some parts were missed: How can it be other religions when everything about it has a catholic veneer? We think you’ll have a much more enjoyable experience.

The exact nature of their authority and duties varies from parish to parish. The actions of the Sancutm in the Lancea are that of a wolf-shepherd among sheep. If you fail, your life is ruined, or you’re dead, or you become a good subject for the Embrace. Question is simple – How much this king scenario is possible in VtR setting? Granted, mortal preconceptions and biases can and most likely will show through, but sahctum more a matter of particular Sanctified twisting the faith in support of their personal beliefs than something stemming from the doctrine itself.


Lancea Sanctum (Vampire: The Requiem)

The number of Sanctified Kindred they meet those that survive the dangers of travel, anyway earns them a decent level of Status within their covenant. To ask other readers questions about Lancea Sanctumplease sign up.

The philosophical precepts governing members of the Lancea Sanctum — or at least those members who truly believe in what they do — seem almost mutually exclusive, yet the covenant has managed to hold them together for what might be centuries or even millennia.

Saints are almost always elders, and they are penitent and pious.

Lancea Sanctum and ‘evilness’ – Onyx Path Forums

sancyum Hardcoverpages. Ilze rated it really liked it May 04, They are usually based in one area, serving a Bishop, Archbishop, or Cardinal, and travel to nearby cities to bring back information and forge ties between members of the covenant. And different vampires have different takes on that mission. Scott Andrews rated it liked it Apr 02,