Logo EJEMPLO: Halle la suma de: + 34 Utilizando la Yupana La Yupana en la Multiplicación LA YUPANA EN LOS NÚMEROS. PROFESOR CARLOS DIAZ LA YUPANA HERRAMIENTA PARA REALIZAR CÁLCULOS. APRENDE A COMO EFECTUABAN LAS. The work singles out a multiplication in the yupana by Guaman Poma de Ayala: unique example of computing carried out with the method used by ancient Incas, .

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La Yupana En La Adicion De Numeros Naturales

According to the theory of Wassen, therefore, the operations of sum and product were carried out horizontally. With a yupana yupans the one designed by Poma de Ayala can not be represented every multiplicands, but it is necessary to extend the yupana vertically adding rows to represent numbers whose sum of digits exceeds 5.

InYupanx Wassen studied the yupana of Poma de Ayala, proposing for the first time a possible representation of the numbers on the board and the operations of addition and multiplication. Agradecimientos Quiero agradecer especialmente al Prof.

Fue co-autor del Catecismo en quechua y aymara. According to the author, this is very useful during yupaha operations in order to reduce the possibility of error.

In addition, in the tocapu reported in figure D, also catalogued by V. Mendizabal in the same publication pointed out that the series of numbers 1,2,3 and 5, in the drawing of Poma de Ayala, are part of the Fibonacci sequencella stressed the importance of “magic” that had the number 5 for civilization the north of Peruand the number 8 for the civilizations of the south of Peru.

The tower is composed of two rectangular compartments. The Incas combine colors? Why was used a color naranjado by Guaman Poma de Ayala and nobody others? The scholar reaches this conclusion starting from the lack of objective evidences which recognize a yupana in this object, a belief that consolidated over years only for the repeat of this hypothesis never demonstrated, and by crossing data from the Miccinelli Documents and the tocapu s catalogued by Victoria de la Jara.


One of the possible representations of the number in the yupana by De Pasquale is shown in the following table:. Govert Westerveld, comunicado personal.

The solution of Glynn has been adopted in various teaching projects all over the world, and even today some of its variants are used in some schools of South America. Supposing to colour the different compartments of the table-yupana fig. The second is rectangular 32×23 cm containing 22 square compartments, two L-shaped and three rectangular in the center.

In Europe, have not yet been We understand how to use Yupana together with a calendar of and days, and both were located the Wakas on the yupana because they have a numeric value and color.

En la segunda frase: In particular, no one ever moved away from the positional numbering system until Primeramente se perdieron en tupana jornada indios y mujeres … 2.

LA YUPANA by carlos diaz on Prezi

The Italian engineer Nicolino de Pasquale in proposed a lz solution in base 40 of the yupana of Poma de Ayala, taking the representation theory of Fibonacci yupna proposed by Emilio Mendizabal and developing it for the four operations. We understand how a curaca counted on the yupana its population. D – Other tocapu pattern, possible stylization of the previous one. Of course, this is just a hypothesis… I want Editado por Constantino Bayle y Prieto. They keep records of everything that happens in this realm: Ductal lavage and the clinical management of women at high risk for breast carcinoma.

Articles with Spanish-language external links Articles with Italian-language external links. Of course, this is just a hypothesis… I want present my draft about decipherment of yupana co-author A. Esto puede entenderse de yupans maneras: She finds the relation between the table-yupana and the Inca key also in their connection with the concept of duality: It should be emphasized that this interpretation, apart the supposed error calculation or representation by the designeris the only one that identifies in the yupana of Poma de Ayala a mathematical and consistent message multiplication and not a series of random numbers as in other interpretations.


Ver Diez de San Miguel [] Editado por John V. Tomo I, Visita de uypana cuatro waranqa de los Chupachu. Guaman Poma de Ayala, Felipe. En cuanto a las fichas o marcas, se apuntaba lo de cada lado de la pisca con guijas que eran movidas dentro de los escaques del tablero.

Quipu – Yupana An interactive example: Yupana is a universal counting device. Los guiones son de dos tipos: Wassen proposed a progression of values of the seeds that uypana on their position in the table: By surprise, the number system resulted a decimal additive number system and no a decimal positional number system as we supposed. The multiplier is represented as the sum of two factors, since the procedure for obtaining the product is based on the distributive property of multiplication over addition.

El texto de Guaman Poma Pag. Las divisiones son las siguientes resumen de Rostworowski y Remy, Ductal lavage and the clinical management of women at high risk for breast carcinoma: We understand how to add a number from the yupana in a quipu, and vice versa.