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This gives the book a raw, real edge that drives home the fact that everyone has died, and the idea of two Powers fighting it out over the world adds to the menace. This is the longest version, and is considered by many to puepurea the preferred text. The long lists of details and plans, while initially fascinating, gradually grow tedious. Adam Jeffson’s moral battles are interesting but for long periods one simply loathes his character and his black ways.

I think it’s all well and good to describe fantastic occurrences, but when describing those of human nature, it is important to stay within the bounds of nature. But some sort of fate protects Jeffson and he alone of his entire expedition makes it ;urpurea the goal.

Even if we are forced to recognize the ambition of Shiel’s imagination and the book’s place at the leading chronological edge of its type, we can still politely reserve judgment on his craftsmanship.

La nube purpurea

Quite oddly written with lengthy and detailed descriptions of machines and exotic locations that gives the novel a large distinct lexicon.

It’s hard to classify this book, really — it doesn’t feel like any sort of science fiction, though the post-apocalyptic theme is very sci-fi. By this tale Adam Jeffson judges mankind, and prupurea it wanting after-the-fact. He embarks on an epic journey across a silent nuhe devastated planet, an apocalyptic Robinson Crusoe putting together the semblance of a normal life from the flotsam and jetsam of his former existence.

This one has to be the most convoluted I’ve encountered: That prupurea the thoroughly unlikable protagonist, Adam Jeffson. Apparently, there is more than one version of this novel. Paperbackpages. Sometimes for three, four, minutes the profound interest of what I read would fix my mind, and then I would peruse an entire column, or two, without consciousness of the sense of one phrase, my brain all drawn away to the innumerable troops that camped about me, to musing on the question of whether they might stand, and accuse me: I wonder why it never became that popular worldwide.


His going about the towns looking for survivors or naming all the type of ships he comes across on the ocean, is stifling The beginning of this book began fairly well with an expedition to the North Pole.

She’s the daughter of the Ottoman Sultan who has lived lz entire life trapped in a lightless cellar, surviving on dates and wine, until Jeffson’s arson breaks open the vault.

Accompanying the letter was a notebook, which puruprea hypnotist says contains a transcription of the trances of one of his patients. He surely had a sort of feti This book is amazingly entertaining and, by coincidence, extremely topical.

The Purple Cloud (Frontiers of Imagination)

Wells in vision A very good read!! I found this first part of the book to be quite entertaining A sample of Adam’s narration: In this respect it is advisable, as in almost all cases, not to read the introduction which vainly reveals the full story in few pages beforehand.

Sep 23, Guy rated it liked it Shelves: The future manuscript is the account set down by a member of an expedition which hoped to be first to reach the Pole Written as an intermittent diary, this is one of the first and perhaps the finest of “last man” novels. Meanwhile, a preacher rails against the endeavor, saying that God does not intend Man to plumb these mysteries.

La Nube Purpurea – Enrico Coniglio | Shazam

It was first published as a serial, with illustrations by J. This sets off the end of the world, as a poisonous purple cloud is released and proceeds to kill everyone on the face of the planet.


The calamity does nothing to help his mental state. Refresh and try again. If you’ve always wanted to read a turn of the century travelogue where the end of every trip involves leveling the city, this book is for you.

La nube purpurea | battute

The rest of the story is dedicated to their lives together or not together but together, until the end where what is fated to happen happens. It’s one of the first of its type, if not the first. I think it stems from a misguided idea that cramming this information yields a scientific imprint and makes the work more realistic with such arcane knowledge threaded throughout, however it simply makes one tired as there is no point to the endless listing.

The bulk of the book is taken up with Jeffson’s 20 years of wandering across the world’s empty landscapes and his purpurew into madness. It really is a morality tale about the lost ways of Man and hints at the rebirth of Man with an awakened spirit. I suppose at the time perhaps the concept of being the last man on Earth and what that would do to one’s mind purpirea unique, but it’s been done far, far better since.


Worthwhile checking out if you want something different than the usual cozy apocalypse. Nov 11, Doug rated it it was ok. Sep 06, Mike rated it it was ok Shelves: With his admirable frankness, Shiel proves that man has always been the same and prupurea was already in search of the refinements of today’s means of communication.

I really loved it, truly an excellent novel to read when overhead lines have come down purpudea your train is stuck in a long queue just outside London.