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But this insight is cloaked in hyperbolic fear mongering, and an eternal ‘slippery slope’.

I first read Virilio in college, when I was too young to understand what I thought about the world. In some sense, Virillo is hyperbolic.

One can easily sympathize with the conservative move towards technophobia, which Virilio could be accused of, and yet many of his examples only look at a single case, and derive potentials from those cases. May 07, Liam rated it liked it. In these things, he is correct – rapid transmission of images and ideas has had a rapid effect on culture, perhaps not seen since the Industrial Revolution or the printing press. Which would drive the terrible organ harvesters out of business?

He can’t be serious And I think the acceleration of time and the shrinking of the world by means of technology are extremely pertinent. What attracted me was the book’s appearance. Virilio’s exploration of the relationship between technology, war and information technology.

Radical Thinkers 1 – 10 vidilio 36 books.


The central and somewhat overblown point about the end of local time and the rise of instantaneousness is, fifteen years after this was written, not what I would consider the central problem of digital encroachment from either a philosophical or practical perspective.

Reactionary movements are seldom successful.

Bomba informática (Paul Virilio)

True, but hasn’t it done so already? Like the set of tools we call the motor car, it is both good and bad, expeditious and dangerous. Virilio’s treatise here shouldn’t be dismissed as naive, hypocritical or holding onto an antiquated reference point in an world of unstable vicissitudes, for such latter breathes evidence to how impersonal contemporary man has become, a being whom will scornfully deride those who depart caution against the master-signifier of technology ever held in reverence for desires immortal.

Technology and information is presented as the next great threat to the earth, and — perhaps even — the world. Anthony rated it really liked it Apr 13, Each new age has its new difficulties in addition to the old ones. Paul Virilio is a cultural theorist and urbanist.

PaperbackVerso Radical Thinkerspages. He concludes that mankind is potentially screwed, and he sets forth specific educational steps to help us get un-fucked. So I opened it and the ideas were interesting, but the tone and the style of the prose is more interesting.

He would have died, if he aimed to. Virilio’s writing is in-depth and insightful, and not extremely difficult to understand. I think that escapism is a weak proposition, and not at all a potential solution.

Hjalmar Branting rated it it was amazing Oct 27, He bashes sexuality, all technological progress, and all global inter-connectivity. Isn’t cultural infantilizing stimulating mass passivity and political withdrawal, rather than pushing disaffected youth into massive “vandalism and theft”?


The Information Bomb by Paul Virilio

It is a false dichotomy to suggest that technology is either our salvation or damnation. Virilio’s syntactically unfinished paragraphs seldom actually detract from the text’s intelligibility, and his own marking of key terms is very helpful.

Mar 18, David rated it liked it Recommends it for: While the case he lays out about human cloning does have potential, one might argue that Virilio’s vision of the future, here, looks toward the most pessimistic outcome.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Humankind will inevitably degenerate into violent hedonism forever because of the Internet and Television. We are not pressured; we do like it! Its framework, one I can only assume Virilio has established in his older work, is one focu Virilio’s book is a critique of media, technology and the collective un conscious much in the vein of Marshall McLuhan – his predecessor by decades – and a comparison between the two is enlightening.