Dr. KP Yohannan is a prolific writer with more than books published in Asia and 11 in the United States. Dependence Upon The Lord – KP Yohannan . That They All May Be One – KP Yohannan Title: That They All May Be One. When We Have Failed – What Next – KP Yohannan – Gospel for Asia . Click here , to read more articles about GFA Books, or visit Patheos. Read thought-provoking and challenging messages from KP Yohannan books which have been an inspiration to thousands around the world.

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Dependence Upon The Lord Author: Return to Book Page. Life is so fragile like a tiny oboks One little germ one small ache one fall can end your life.

Yohannan Goodreads Author. Reasons and Answers Feb 25, Additionally, viewers in nations can watch him daily on AYTV. Download Against the Wind: Yohannan pleads for fresh thinking that will help the Body of Christ rise up united to reach the world yohxnnan the Gospel. In addition, you can also download K. Anything is possible to him who believes! All truth has two sides, and balanced attention to both sides of the coin is necessary to rightly divide the Word of Truth.


This booklet shares balanced teaching that will jp you of the power of God and encourage you to step-out in childlike faith. Touching Godliness Dec 04, yohannsn Rate this book Clear rating 1 of 5 stars 2 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars.

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Remembering the Millions in Asia As the Lord reminded Yohannan of the millions in Asia still waiting to learn of His love for them, he resigned his pastorate, and he and Gisela began taking steps to start an organization to support national missionaries, which eventually became known as GFA.

Dance Not for Time. It is His desire that we understand the joy and seriousness of our call to serve Him. Only 1 left in stock – order soon. Reasons and Answers Author: A – Z 60 Jan 02, KP Yohannan challenges us that we too can touch godliness as we follow Jesus down the path of total surrender and submission. Journey with Jesus Walk the roads of life intimately with the Lord Jesus.

K.P. Yohannan (Author of Revolution in World Missions)

Download Dependence Upon The Lord: I have counseled privately with hundreds of them about their beliefs and lifestyles. Learn how to stay encouraged in every season of life, no matter what the circumstances may be.

Her long black hair is unkempt and unwashed Her clothes are old and full of holes Her big brown eyes tell stories of pain Her back is bent from carrying the loads. We watch others who have a sincere godliness but it seems beyond our reach. Jack’s Corner 5 15 Sep 29, One late night on a downtown street, A young boy sat by the road. Whether you’d like to discuss theology, biographies, church history, novels or anythi This is an open forum for people to discuss Christ-themed books.


Living in the Light of Eternity: The Beauty of Christ through Brokenness. Living in the Light of Eternity Take a fresh look at biblical discipleship. Learning To Pray Author: This next great wave of transformation is changing the lives of children, their families and entire communities.

Download The Road to Reality: Once downloaded, you can read the books on your computer, or take them with you to read on your yohannna device or tablet. Yohannan uncovers the reasons for discouragement and provides practical answers. Read about an abandoned girl who found hope at the end of the railroad tracks, a young boy who escaped after years of forced servitude, and many others whose lives have also been redeemed.

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