Home Pa2x Pro Korg Pa2x Service Manual/Manuel de service Next Korg Pa80 Service Manual/Manuel Service; PreviousYou are viewing Last Post. Pa2Xpro specifications. Korg reserves the right to change the specifications without notice. Keyboard. 76 keys with Velocity and Aftertouch (TP8. please can i have the service manual of the korg Pa2x?? ‘ Razz ‘ Thank you I think Part-is-Parts here in the USA sells KORG service manuals. Is the PA2X still in

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Selecting And Saving Performances Copy From Pad What Is Midi Pad Select Window Paa2x Midi Files And Sounds Intro, Fill, Variation, Ending Tempo Lock And Link Mode Sound Select Window Copy Expression Dialog Box Master Volume And Balance Songs And Voice Processor Presets Korg pa2X pro Service Manual 66 pages Brand: Connecting A Microphone Displaying Artist Or Genre Style And Player Controls The Pad Structure Soloing A Track Glossary Of Terms Style Record Mode The Music Stand Overdub Step Recording Manuao Performance Select Window The General Midi Standard Controlling The Volume Backing Sequence quick Record Recording Mp3 Files Please Note Before Use Style Record Procedure Edit Page Structure Table of contents Important Safety Instructions Second-take Recording overdubbing Style Play Setup About This Manual Style Play Operating Mode Loading The Musical Resources The Global Channel