Kontemporaryong Panitikan Tungo. RM Kontemporaryong Panitikan Tungo. sa Kultura at Panitikang Popular. Choose a template. Filipino 8 Kontemporaryong Panitikan Komentaryo sa Radyo #Experiential Learning. Phone, Suggest a phone number Kontemporaryong Panitikan. 1 like. Concentration or Major. Posts about Kontemporaryong Panitikan. There are no stories.

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Education 4 — Educational Technology 1 The course basically focuses on the need to improve instruction through the use of instructional media and technology, including computer-aided instruction. SPED 10 — Inclusive Education This course makes students aware of the philosophy and objectives of inclusive classrooms. Biological Science 3 — Cell Biology An introductory course that deals mainly with the structure and function of the different components of the cell.

Techno 7 – Introduction to Compute Aided Design A study of the basic concepts and features of a computer-aided design software. Honorable Dismissal A student of good standing who desires to move to sever his connection with the University of Antique shall request for Honorable Dismissal from the Registrar.

Kalakip dito ang pagtatalakay at pagsusuri sa mga bagay-bagay hinggil sa kultura ng isang lahi; ang kanilang pananaw, pilosopiya,a t mga katangian na sumsalamin sa kanilang kabihasnan at sa kanilang kabuuan. It covers the study of line, slopes, conic sections, polar coordinates and properties of higher curves often met in calculus. Probability distributions such as the normal curve, t, F, and chisquare are discussed.

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The student will also present a research proposal and conduct a research based on the approved proposal as a training in conducting scientific research. Advance House Planning and Commercial Arts II This course is a continuation techno 4 and deals with the preparation of a complete plan of a two-storey building.

Students are made aware of requirements and expectations for organized SPED classes. It includes proper interpretation of defined competencies. Social Science 12 — Teaching Approaches in Social Sciences A study of innovative approaches, strategies and techniques in teaching and learning social studies. Transfer of Student The following rules shall govern the admission of transfer — students: Mathematics 6 — Statistics This course includes simple laws of probability, data collection and presentation, frequency distributions, measures of central tendency and variability, regression and correlation, normal curve, elements of statistical inference and some statistical tools to be used by the students in their research work.

Transfer student may be admitted provided that: Biological Science 5 — Anatomy and Physiology with Lab A course covering the structure and functioning systems of the human body. This also provides students with the elementary experience in the proper use and care of the sewing tools and equipment, materials and supplies and the basic technical know-how of hand and machine sewing operations that are fundamental in the vehicle of instructions in teaching of these basic skills.

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Education 5 — Social Dimension of Education This course is an introduction to social science theories and research as they relate to education and an understanding of the four panittikan of learning which are fundamental in making critical and logical decisions as an active member of the society and as a global citizen.

Biological Science 10 — Biotechnics with Lab A course that involves the principles in the preparation of biological specimens and instruments for the field and laboratory activities. Must have taken during the previous semester not less than 18 units regular load for academic credit prescribed in the curriculum.

ErlynMil Calejesan

Application for the advance credits shall be made on the prescribed form to the Registrar or to the Dean. This i This course also includes the study of plane surface, their dimensions and areas; solid figures, their dimensions, areas and volumes; and application of geometric formulas to particular problems.

English 16 — Creative Writing English The Teaching of Literature This course presents the different approaches panitkkan literary theories necessary for effective interpretation and of different literary forms or genres. All candidates for graduation shall make up for their deficiencies, including the submission of bound copies of their undergraduate thesis, and clear their records not less than five weeks before the end of their last semester.

Enter answer keys Step 3: The College Dean will have to approve the request and the Office of the Registrar be notified and given a copy of the letter of request for record purposes. Math 5 – Panitlkan and Solid Geometry The course equips students with working knowledge in reasoning and in proving theorems particularly in points, lines, planes, kontemporarykng, inequalities, parallelism, proportionality, similarity and circles.

It also introduces the development of fundamental procedures and technical know-how of mass production work and the consideration of the factory system. Filipio 12 — Sanaysay at Talumpati Pag-aaral ng pangkasaysayang pagkaunlad ng sanaysay nang kaagapay ang pagsulat ng mga konatemporaryong anyo nito pati na andg pagsasanay sa pagsulat at konyemporaryong ng talumpati.

Anyo ng Kontemporaryong Panitikang Filipino by crestina dehillo on Prezi

Filipino 20 — Mga Anyo ng Kontemporaryong Panitikang Filipino Tumatalakay sa mga anyo ng panitikan, teorya, simulain ng may pagbibigay diin sa mga sangkap ng a ito s pamamagitan ng pagsusuri Social Studies Geography 1 — Basic Geography This deals with the study of man and space. It also introduces the development of fundamental procedures and technical know-how of production work and the consideration of the factory system. Topics also include health-related environmental concerns.


It further aims panitikann update and equip students with the knowledge needed i order to keep abreast with the global changes. It also includes the basic movement and creative skills that one must posses before he ventures into the world of dance activities.

Sci 1 — Politics and Governance with the Philippine Constitution This course deals with the structure and operations of the government and the legal basis involved especially as defined by the Philippine Constitution. Punctuality and regularity of attendance is required of all panitika. It explores different concepts of multi-sensory learning as well as the use of instructional media in various educational levels and needs.

This course also includes a discussion of the solar system and other astronomical bodies. He must have obtained an average of 2.

College of Teacher Education

Train prospective teachers to become highly competent in their fields of specialization; 2. SPED 3 — Psychology of Children with Special Needs Discusses the developmental learning characteristics of exceptional children and categorizes these exceptionalities.

Social Science 13 — Production of Social Studies Instructional Materials This course provides varied opportunities for students to engage in systematic planning of instructional materials in different social science disciplines utilizing appropriate objectives and teaching strategies for a given content of instruction.

Medical Examination Certificate d.

It also covers basic welding practices, kpntemporaryong and power tools and machinery equipment. It familiarizes students with various instructional media: Mathematics17 — Integrals Calculus This course covers kontemporaryohg properties of summation and integration, derivation of formulas, application of getting length of lines, areas, volumes of solids of revolutions, centroids, moments of inertia and application to problems.

Geography 2 — Places and Landscapes in a Changing World This course is an overview of the diversity of interconnections of peoples and places in a globalizing world as mediated by culture, politics and historical development. When it is replaced by a final grade, the latter is to be included in the grades during the semester when the removal is made.