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Ordering Kakashi to teleport Naruto to the other dimensionObito tries to go there himself but Madara manages to stop him by sending one of the mysterious orbs flying towards him.

As he laughs over finally getting his hands on Yin-Kurama, Madara arrives to where Minato and the others are and states that Black Zetsu was taking too long so he decided to come himself. The taste of his own blood and the pain he feels makes Madara ecstatic, and as he begins to heal as a result of having Hashirama ‘s power, he notes that having a living body had made him temporarily careless.

Declaring that he would no longer be Madara’s pawn and hurt his comrades: Though somewhat hesitant at first, Sasuke eventually presents himself to the incapacitated God of Shinobi, who gives him what is left of his chakra to stop Madara. Using his medical ninjutsu along with his knowledge about Hashirama’s cells, Kabuto begins treating Sasuke under the instruction of Tobirama.

However, Madara escapes with the aid of his Susanooonly mere moments before the sealing was completed.

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Remembering his father Might Duy in these final moments before the confrontation, he remembers how he had lived his life, and in turn, how Guy had loved his own life, passing on principles of unwavering loyalty and true inner strength right down to the very last moment of 685 life where his father Duy was able komij ultimately protect him, and his team-mates Ebisu and Genmafrom a generation of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist.

At the same time, however, a White Zetsu Army clone emerges from the ground informing Madara that he was able to complete his mission.

However before Sasuke can land any kind of attack, the young Uchiha finds himself suspended in midair. Ignoring Tobirama’s cries to stop, Madara drives the sword through Sasuke’s chest, expressing his disappointment in the young Uchiha whom he deemed to have had given more than enough time to do something.

Naruto surmises that Madara had Obito bring him back to life. Suddenly, Gaara and Sakura fly overhead. As the sword hurtles towards Gaara, Shukaku intercepts it, declaring that it prided itself on its Absolute Defence after all.


Meanwhile, Guy is ready to continue fighting, though he is obviously extremely worn out. Manipulating the sword to boomerang across the battlefield, Madara is able to break the section of the chain Gaara held and reconnect it to the beast all while sending the sword directly at Gaara whose automatic kkomik protects him against the attack, but he is still knocked down.

Elsewhere, Sasuke clings to consciousness by remembering his resolve to honour his brother ‘s sacrifice and to change the komki world, but his energy fades as Madara walks away from him.

Noting that the technique was a good one — albeit without any wallop — Madara is surprised when Gaara immobilises him with the residual sand that was left inside of his body after the attack. As the other sensor-type ninja detect Naruto’s presence, Hinata sees Naruto’s failing heartbeat and rushes to his side, only to stumble and fall due to her low chakra levels. Naruto and the Sage of Six Paths…!!

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As Nrauto lies dying, Sakura continues to use medical ninjutsu on him to no effect. Seemingly content with that, he commands Zetsu to bring both to him, but as the clone tries to leave Obito ‘s body — no narkto concerned about the threat around him — but finds himself unable to as his host regains consciousness. There’s something that I discovered only very recently, in regards to how I draw my manga drafts.

Apologising to his master for being delayed so long, Black Zetsu informs Madara that not only was he able to retrieve the eyebut also Yin – Kurama from Minato as well.

Guy opens the seventh gate and attacks Madara with a powerful punchbut to no avail. Gaara uses his sand to cushion his comrade’s fall while the tailed beasts are resealed into the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path. With Sasuke’s predicament looking grim, he is approached by an unknown barefooted individual. As grief overtakes both Sakura, whose chakra is rapidly diminishing, and Karin, who senses Sasuke’s predicament from afar, both realise that if things continue like this both Naruto and Sasuke will die.

With Madara trying to kill Guy, Kakashi launches one of Minato’s kunai to warp the black orb awaybut Guy is instead saved by Rock Leewho brings him to their comrades’ side. The resulting attack was enough to damage Madara, sending his right arm flying, and forcing him to retreat. Immediately beginning their attempts to dissuade Guy from his decision, his comrades soon abandon this as a fruitless endeavour. Meanwhile, as the remainder of Kurama’s chakra dissipates from around Sakura, she wonders why her techniques are ineffective until Gaara informs her that Kurama had been extracted from Naruto, and his only hope was to get to Minato and Yin-Kurama as Yang-Kurama had instructed.


March 3, ISBN Renouncing Madara’s action and his plan as he remembers Naruto’s words, Obito states that his current self is the one that wanted to become Hokage — a person who stands at the forefront of hardship themselves and doesn’t manipulate others to achieve their own goals. Guy deduces that they will head for Kakashi ‘s location, and gets even more determined to go, exasperating Tenten.

As Gaara anchors Sakura with his sand and begins moving faster, Sakura switches her tactics and after making an incision in Naruto’s chest, begins to manually pump his heart, and performs CPRadamant that Naruto is not going to die on her watch. Once in the other dimension a wary Sakura allows Obito to start the tailed beast transfer.

As the Kazekage’s group arrives, Minato asks Kakashi to fight Obito alongside Gaara as the Hokage starts transferring his tailed beast in his sonall the while remembering a conversation with his wife over protecting their then-unborn child.

I found a B lead 0. As the shinobi wonder about how to komki with their enemy, Guy tells Kakashi that it is time for him to become a crimson beast by opening the eighth gate, which will eventually result in his death. Comforting his pupil by telling him that this was no time to look sad, Guy dashes forward to confront Madara once more, opening the Eighth Gate.

Narutoo Kurama extracted from his body, Naruto falls unconscious as he hurtles towards the ground. Elsewhere a desperate Karin is able to manifest the Uzumaki chains and decimate parts of Tobi ‘s statue.

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As the beasts get dragged in, B severs one of his own tentacles, while Kurama calls out to Gaara to ask a favour. However, their efforts prove futile as Sakura watches on horrified and confused as she tries her best to keep Naruto alive. With the tailed beasts intent on fighting Madara head on, the Allied Shinobi Forces ‘ members decide to fall back in order to not become collateral damage.