Khadijah bint Khuwaylid. (d. ca. ). First wife of Muhammad, and his only wife until her death. Mother of Fatimah and other sons and daughters of. A very common name for girls among Muslims is Khadijah. Many choose this name to commemorate the first wife of the Prophet Muhammad. Khadijah bint Khuwaylid was the first wife of Muhammad and the first person to accept Islam. She is revered amongst Muslims as a “mother of.

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In the years that followed, difficult years in which the leaders of the Quraish did everything in their power to stop the Prophet spreading his message, Khadijah may Allah be pleased with her was khuwalid constant source of help and comfort to Muhammad peace be upon him in the difficulties which he had to face.

This is not probable considering Khadijah’s advanced age at the time she married Muhammad. She also gave him one of her servants, Maysarah, who was young, brilliant, and talented, to assist him and be his bookkeeper. When he heard her dream, he gave a serene smile, and told her not to worry, as this was a very promising dream.

This article is about the wife of Muhammad. When he said he had no objection, she asked why he had not yet got married. These Muslims biint reminded that the Prophet married only one single virgin wife: Umayya ibn Abd Shams.

After three years of constant struggle, a relative of his, called Khawla, went to him and pointed out that his house was sadly neglected and that his daughters needed a mother to look after them.

Raising his head, he said to Khadijah, “Such manners are fit kyuwaylid for the messengers of God. All her wealth was spent in the way of Allah, helping to spread the message of her husband, helping to free slaves who had embraced Islam, and helping to feed and shelter the community of Muslims that slowly but surely began to grow in numbers and strength.


It is narrated in many hadiths that Khadijah was Muhammad’s most trusted and favorite among all his marriages. He had a noble breadth of forehead and the ovals kuuwaylid his large eyes were wide, with exceptionally long lashes and extensive brows, slightly arched but not joined.

Some historians say that these were Khadijah’s daughters by her khadijjah husband; whereas others insist they were her daughters by Muhammad. After coming back home, she died in Medina in 2 A.

Important Figures: Khadijah bint Khuwaylid

It is said that when Banu Quraish’s trade caravans gathered to embark upon their lengthy and arduous journey either to Syria during the summer or to Yemen during the winter, Khadijah’s caravan equaled the caravans of all other traders of Quraish put together.

The glorious sun she saw descending into her courtyard indicated that the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him whose advent had been predicted in the Torah and the Injil was to grace her home and she would gain from his presence in her life.

Muhammad, who was years younger than Khadija this year age difference is consistent with Khadjia’s year of birth mentioned above as How would her tribe react? Nawfal ibn Abd Manaf. One of her very close friends, Nafisah bint Manbah knew of her inclination and she went to Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him and requested his permission to ask him a very personal question.

Khadijah was very khuwaulid to see him in such a state. Maysarah was more fascinated by Muhammad than khadijsh anything related to the trip. When he bowed down, the young boy and the woman bowed, and when he stood up straight, they, too, khadiiah likewise. Ayshah, a favorite wife of Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him says that whenever a goat was slaughtered the Prophet it would send some meat to Khadijah’s friends; when she remarked about this on one occasion he told her, ‘I have great regard for her friends, as she has a special place in my heart.


Login Request Help Help Docs. Then he loosened his hold and asked him to read; Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him answered that he was illiterate. When he bowed down, the young boy and the woman bowed, and when he stood up straight, they, too, did likewise. Like Khadijah, he had done all that he could do to khacijah the Prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon himand had spent all his wealth in the way of Allah.

Who were Khadijah’s children by her second husband? It was then the capital of Hawran, one of the southeastern portions of the province of Damascus situated north of the Balqa’.

Islams Women – Khadijah bint Khuwaylid

This marriage also left Khadija as a widow. When he returned home Maysarah reported to Khadijah all that had taken place on the trip to Syria.

This was yet another of the many signs that Waraqa already knew would indicate the identity of the next Prophet after Jesus, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him. Remember, this happened in the fourth century after Christ! Waraqah who was lhuwaylid old wished that he could live to see the time when the Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him would be forced into exile by his people. What khsdijah her family say?