UPDATE (11 Aug. ): The Kerberos Club (FATE Edition) is now available IN PDF and IN PRINT WITH FREE PDF. The first copies of the. I loved the Savage Worlds edition, but the Fate edition of The Kerberos Club really grabbed gamers’ imaginations. The Fate crowd was already. The Kerberos Club (FATE Edition) is a game of superheroic roleplaying in Victorian London, written by Benjamin Baugh, adapted for the FATE system by.

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Sign up using Email and Password. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated kreberos of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Obviously some of the material is setting-specific. Fate veterans will see some differences in choosing character aspects and the options available to invoke those aspects.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Steampunk ekrberos mad science technology enter into public consciousness. The chapter wraps up with a four-page summary of the history of the Club throughout the 19 th Century- broken into the three major sections, each with a different level of The Strange.

Trappings fall into categories of effect Physical, Technical, etc. Players next pick their aspects, using the choices they made earlier to help decide. A complete setting and rules system for playing out Victorian-era supers in an alternate history. The rate offers a number of other new conecpts, including the novel idea of shifting damage to the environment through cluub consequences. But players may also bundle skills together into a larger group, creating Unique Skills.

Tabletop Review: The Kerberos Club: FATE Edition

The player may decline, but at a cost of a point of their own. I plan for it to be a huge gamechanger. Find Arc Dream at GenCon There are only a few missteps; the rewrite of the Charge of the Light Brigade feels a little too much. We hope you like it.


Skills have associated Power Tiers, ranging from Mundane to Godlike. CSturgess 1 9.

clb Characters that can take skills and use them themselves are easy enough to model using Variable trappings, but I’m not sure how to handle removing skills or gaining new ones, especially since they’d cost refresh.

Fate Edition is the latest version of this unique setting, with Arc Dream having previously published it as a sourcebook for Savage Worlds and Wild Talents. Occasionally members of the club join together to confront threats to the unsuspecting peoples of the Empire.

Lady Constance is supremely gifted and krberos an ancient magical sword kerneros can cut through any armor that the industrialized world can forge. So let the players reorganise their characters as need be, and your NPC is just the plot-enabling-excuse for being able to rearrange their powers.

A Strange ‘Fate’ for ‘The Kerberos Club’

The trick is that the GM may also invoke these aspects- fare giving an benefit to the opposition or a penalty -2 to the roll, rerolling, or causing a change to players by offering them a Fate point. FATE and its Branches d6ideas. That lets you pay what you want for these incredible games, which is a truly superhuman gift for any gamer. Aspects are quick descriptions of something which can be drawn on in play.

They then pick an Archetype and Social Class. Every subject of Victoria’s vast Britannic empire knows how “the Strange” has touched our world. In the series – and in most approaches I can envision to the game – gaining or losing powers is a big deal.

How can you model giving skills in Kerberos Club FATE? – Role-playing Games Stack Exchange

If you do want powers to transfer frequently, you need to look at the entire system, because that’s a major change to the style of the game.

Fate is a relatively simple rpg, krrberos on storytelling over heavy mechanics. There are several good examples of this in the show – Tony, Brian, arguably Simon, kerberox more. Post as a guest Name. That low-detail, high-trust fatd shares narrative control between the players and the gamemaster.


Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Custom Skills with far-ranging effects are more expensive to gain in character creation. I don’t think I’ve seen that technique referenced before, and wasn’t really aware you could do it. Players coming to Kerberos Club from other Fate systems will have little difficulty. Sign up using Facebook.

And of course, that fall would usher in the Twentieth Century, the era of Spirit of the Century. It presents a well-constructed introduction to the era. In some ways, it reminds me of the best kinds of campaign ideas fats cyberpunk. Players start with one customizable Gift and can purchase more later; these include Companions, Equipment, Impact a boosted SkillSignature Aspect, Skilled more skill pointsand Theme minor bonuses related to a circumstance.

Won’t you join us at the Club? The authors work to make the game accessible- providing that two page mechanics overview right at the fatf of the book. Give the player back the difference in refresh at end-of-session, kerheros you’re done. If you want you can then let the change happen mid-play according to the events of the game, with the refresh and mechanics being adjusted at the next milestone to match. He blogs, mostly about games, at Age of Ravens.

Of course, most keeberos those good Victorians consider the Club to be the worst sort of disreputable, but Kerberans all have their own reasons for doing things.

Britain wars with and then brings the faerie into the Empire. Scenes can have aspects as well- so if coub group enters a darkened warehouse expecting an ambush, they may have to deal with the aspects Shadowy Corners, Teetering Shelving, and Stacks of Crates.

There are a number of steampunk and Victorian games available now- VictorianaUnhallowed MetropolisForgotten Futures for example. Next players spend 30 points on skills.