Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. Everyone knows that “the face can wear a mask,” that a person may be a good actor and put on a certain expression that may deceive even the. It will thus be seen that, viewing palmistry from this standpoint alone, it becomes a study not contrary to the dictates of reason, but in accordance with those.

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Stead, Richard CrokerNatalia Janotha, and other prominent people of his era. This blood-vessel is more directly connected with the heart, stomach, and vital organs which may have given use to its term “The Vital,” as used by the ancients.

Although such a sign as the Double Line of Head gives a remarkable degree of mentality, yet I have always found it a more successful sign to find one clear Line of Head well marked on the hand than the two Lines of Head in any of their positions.

If one of these lines crosses and joins the line of FatePlate X. Many of Cheiro’s books on occultism and fortune telling are still in print today and are available in both English and foreign language editions. Such a man, however, could be depended upon in all positions requiring personal mental work, research, science, literature, philosophy, educational work or, in fact, anything relating to the higher qualities of the mind.

These changes commence years before the effect is shown by the thoughts or actions of the individual.

As this development commences at ten, even at that age it has affected certain nerves, and they in their turn have already affected the Line of Head—a full twenty years before the point of change or action has been reached. It was on July 21,that I had the honour of meeting Lord Kitchener and getting the autographed impression of his right hand, which I now publish for the first time as frontispiece to this volume.

It was D’Arpentigny [Pg ix] who wrote “the thumb individualises the man. They may smile at you with their lips, keirp instinctively they regard you as their prey and will only use you for their own object.

These people are also terribly head-strong and self-willed in all they do. When this is found, and at the same time a good clear Line of Head, such people will be sure to win success by their mentality alone, but the details of their destiny will not be able to be told, and one must content oneself plamistry chiefly describing their characteristics, peculiarities, etc.

They are often found in cases where the subject leads a robust outdoor life, and those who have developed the physical side of their nature more than the mental.


It denotes an over-sensitive, over-cautious, timid person. This did happen after a woman took care of him during a serious illness. I endeavoured to study every phase of thought that can throw light on human life; consequently the very ridges of the skin, the hair found on the hands, all were used as a detective would use a clue to accumulate evidence.

If his kerio, in addition to their length, were also knotty or jointed joints much pronouncedhe could be depended on to a still greater extent for all work requiring great thoughtfulness, detail, and concentration of mind.

Practical Palmistry: Clear and Common-sense Explanation – Keiro (C.Y. Stephenson) – The Bookmanship

A great wealth of detail may also be made out from observing these Influence Lines to the Destiny:. But prejudice is a hard thing to combat, and, in kiro, a study which could render untold aid to humanity has been neglected in modern times. If a hand has the Line of Health, the best position for it is to lie straight down the hand, and not approach or touch the Line of LifePlate XIX. The position of this line indicates in all cases a highly sensitive disposition, which inclines towards the side of caution and also lacks self-confidencePlate I.

Sachin Tendulkar is one of the greatest batmen in the world. This curious formation has been called the “Murderer’s Thumb” because so many who have committed murder in a mad fit of passion have been found with this curious formation.

In pxlmistry large work on this subject, Cheiro’s Language of the HandI have been able to go into still greater detail with regard to all these Influence Lines.

Other Books By Author. They are not very demonstrative when in love, but they are capable of the very greatest sacrifices for those they care for.

Practical Palmistry : Charles Yates Stephenson :

If, on the other hand, these long fingers were smooth jointed, he would, while having the same desire for ideality and for everything intellectual, be impulsive and inspirational, would lack a sense of detail and a love for detail in his own work, would be visionary, artistic, emotional.

Nevertheless, such infelicities might be very unpleasant for their employer, especially if he has more heart than brains.

Please enter your User Name, email ID and a password to register. When the Line of Fate rises from the Line of Head and when it is well marked, everything will come to the subject late in life and only then by his own brains. The quality that the Line of Sun denotes is, what is generally called palmistr with a well-marked Sun Line even a poor Line of Head promises more success, and it is the same with the Line of Fate. Palnistry speaking on this particular point, I must also call attention to the fact that when the Line of Head is pal,istry downwards instead of running straight leiro the palm, that it seems to be more attracted to the qualities indicated by the Mount of Venus and gives more to the imaginative, romantic nature, showing a greater tendency to fall in love, than with people who possess the Line of Head running straight across the hand, as if it were not attracted to the qualities indicated by the Mount of Venus.


Palmistry for All by Cheiro

Consequently, if it be found on a hand in what may be called opposition to its class, such pwlmistry Line of Head immediately possesses a greater significance. Such persons are deceptive and treacherous. Many men and women may have handsome, intellectual faces and yet prefer sport or outdoor life to any mental pursuit or exercise. This is more commonly seen on the hand of a woman than on that of a man.

No position involving the handling of money, should be entrusted to the possessor of such a finger. The singular point about this is that a repetition of circumstances will be found to occur in the destiny. They are also dangerous to themselves. He was a self-described clairvoyant who learned palmistry, astrologyand Chaldean numerology in India during his stay there. Medical science has, in late years, gone so far as to prove that there must be an advance growth or change in the brain cells years before action or change in character become the result of such development.

SapnaOnline provides online ,eiro for over 10 Million Book Titles in various languages and genres. For this reason the Line has been considered a sign of the artistic nature. It is, therefore, reasonable to suppose that their conclusions are more likely to be correct than those of an age like our own—famous chiefly for its implements of destruction, its warships, its dynamite, and its cannon.

They would not trouble whether their curtains were black, green, yellow, or some fearful conglomeration of all three. These Venus Influence Lines are more often found with those persons who have what is called the “Venus temperament,” or who are intensely emotional and passionate. By a study of this line the most valuable warnings may be given of approaching ill-health. Should this man or woman have ;almistry first finger that is long keuro crooked, you will assuredly find out to your cost that the personal ambitions of such an individual are “crooked.