This one-page guide includes a plot summary and brief analysis of Flowering Judas by Katherine Anne Porter. “Flowering Judas” is a short story by American. In Flowering Judas by Katherine Anne Porter we have the theme of fear, apathy, power, corruption, guilt and betrayal. Taken from her collection. Katherine Anne Porter often spoke of her story “Flowering Judas” as the tale she liked best of all her stories because it came the nearest to what she meant it to.

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She teaches English to children and delivers messages, cigarettes, money, and narcotics to jailed or fugitive revolutionaries.

Flowering Judas by Katherine Anne Porter

Nov 21, David rated it it was ok. Despite her distaste for the powerful leader Braggioni, she endures his oppressive, off-key serenades.

Judas trees grow in the temperate zones of North America, Europe, and Asia. The illusions Laura had about joining a great revolutionary movement to better society prove false. The flowers of the tree are red, pink, or reddish purple, and its leaves are green. What about Laura’s vague fear of impending doom? Jun 16, Larry Bassett rated it liked it Fliwering Denied his guiding hand, Laura devours the lush blossoms of the Judas tree he feeds her.

The story mixes reminiscences of her life, especially of her being jilted before her eventual marriage to another man, with her dreams and confused conversations with those at her side “Flowering Judas” is about a young, attractive, virgin woman who goes to Mexico to support the revolution.

This story should be read as an example of character because by reading her thoughts, we get a very clear sense of who she is as a person, and how over time, her illness has made her mind wander in and out of reality. Beautiful American woman, age 22, who took up residence in Mexico to help the downtrodden. At that age, many people—including idealists—lack the experience and confidence to make wise choices.


Laura while she is being led by Eugenio eats the flowers from the Judas tree.

Short Story Analysis: Flowering Judas by Katherine Anne Porter – The Sitting Bee

Braggioni, a powerful, flawed flowerinh, leads the Socialist insurrection under Katherjne Ortiz Rubio in his region of Mexico City. Final Impressions, June 14 20 Jul 21, Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all information is available for every reference entry or article, Encyclopedia. She infused some of herself into her protagonist, Laura. Soldier who served under Emiliano Zapataa leading revolutionary. Porter shows us the idealism, the flowerinv and the realistic narrative of how the two often go hand in hand Braggioni, the supposed great leader, is a gluttonous sham.

Aug 02, Kate Tooley rated it really liked it. Demarkian cleverly unravels the clever coverup of an old crime, but the story never grabbed me by the jugular. The story shifts location, back and forth, between Demarkian’s home li This story boils down to: There are also several brief essays by the author as well as the text of a interview with her. Nor by the heartstrings.

“Flowering Judas” by Katherine Anne Porter: an analysis

Along the way, the author makes a couple interesting points about present U. Laura keeps twenty hand-made collars in her clothes chest.

To ask other readers questions about Flowering Judasplease sign up. About Katherine Anne Porter. In addition, he rules his revolutionary compatriots with the absolute authority of a king. This may be important as symbolically Porter may be suggesting that Laura has taken communion flesh and blood from the Judas tree.


It was published in in Hound and Horna quarterly publication founded in by Harvard University students, and in a book collection of Porter’s works.

Revolutionary aided by Laura. Lives in Mexico in the early s. Porter says that Braggioni has become the symbol of Laura’s “many disillusions, for a revolutionist should be lean, animated by heroic faith, a vessel of abstract virtue. In a dream-distorted reversal of Holy Communion, Eugenio gives Laura bleeding flowers from the Judas tree, the tree from which Judas hanged himself, which she greedily eats.

She sometimes sneaks into a Catholic church to practice the religion of her youth, but she fails to embrace the church as an essential part of her life.

In an interview, Porter told Archer Winston: She lived for a time in early 20th Century Mexico, studying art and working as a teacher and journalist. It is also possible that Laura fears for the future particularly if the reader considers how selfish Braggioni has been.

Taken from her collection of the same name the story is narrated in the third person by an unnamed narrator and after reading the the story the reader realises that Porter may be exploring the theme of fear and apathy.

In Flowering Judas by Katherine Anne Porter we have the theme of fear, apathy, power, corruption, guilt and betrayal. The story shifts location, back and forth, between Demarkian’s home life in an an Armenian neighborhood in Philadelphia and his work assignment in Mattatuck, a New York town that’s summoned him to review a possibly jdas suicide.

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