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I am wearing the armour of the total divine grace of, The God named Kandaswami who is the son of Lord ShivaWhose trident is not visible to Vishnu with conch and wheel as weapons, As well as to Lord Brahma and who holds the Vel as a weapon, Who has hair on his head resembling a burning ball of fire, And who has in his flag a cock whose only weapon is his leg, And so even if I become the enemy of God of death, Would his weapons become effective against me?.

Flapped alangara wings and due to this the oceans were torn asunder, The sky and the horizon broke and all the mountains along, With the mount Meru in the middle were powdered in to dust. I mandhar not know any way, to control my mind and drive it to your lotus feet, With love and get salvation granted to me and would you send your Vel at me, Similar to the time when you send it and made Soorapadma greatly tremble, And destroy my pride and lift up me, who was involved in sinful acts.

Oh Lord who made a hole with his Vel on the golden Krouncha Mountain, Oh king, who wears the garland of Kadamba flowers over his xlangaram, When I realized you with my real wisdom and got in to a state of no properties [4]I forgot myself completely and this body was completely dead.

Oh Lord who rides on the peacock with great feathers, Without any company my mind, which is like, The climber which does not have and branches to climb, Is tottering, wilting and undergoing lot of suffering, And so merge me by merging me with your feet, Which are like the red lotus and save me.

Oh men who do not praise Lord Muruga with the sharp Vel, And spend all your time dancing and praising yourselves, When the war veteran Yama the God of death comes to take away your soul, Would the dresses, jewels, wife who decorates herself with flowers, And bags of money be taken along with you?

Oh Son of Ganges, who pierced and powdered the Krouncha mountain. Oh King who made a hole in the forehead of cruel Sura PadmaWhich made him loose all his strength and also made, Hot blood flow in the battle field and helped the devas, To regain their town of Amaravathi from him, When will I be kanhar get down in the ghats of devotion, And take bath in the sea of divine happiness and bliss, And as a result my waves of wisdom clears my confused mind?.

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His fame got the jealousy of chief minister of the Kingdom. When the sharp Vel from the hands kandhzr Muruga, Son of him who went in a decorated great chariot, Kqndhar destroyed the three cities, just by his laugh, Split in to powder the mountain called Krouncha, And destroyed the great formation of the army of asurasIt managed to save the land of Indra, king of devas.


Legends claim that Arunagiri was attracted to the pleasures of the flesh and spent his youth in pursuing a life of debauchery. They say that this body is similar to the bubbles in water, And when we study well we see wealth is like the streak of lightning, And so we say that those who may away when some one with hunger, Approaches and asks for alms are those who are not having devotion.

So that the devas of heaven are saved, Please tell me what shall be done by me because, My mind prevents my five senses not think of your lotus like feet, Nor think about your holy names, nor worship your feet with flowers.

If you bow with devotion, the God who split the mountain in to six pieces, And give at least leafy vegetables or anything cooked to those who beg, Then for your long journey kandhat is bound to come to you, Packed food and company to look after alsngaram would be provided, see. Can move to SD 8.

Oh Skanda, who with his Vel bored the chest of Soorapadma, Who waged a war along with his relatives and the mountain, When will you ever save me who is wandering defeated, From the pretty eyed prostitutes, who are trying to do, Sinful acts by trying to catch the minds of sages who have left everything?. For Saving the confused devas, from their imprisonment, The Muruga who was wearing victorious rings on his tender feet, Rode on his peacock with very pretty feathers and destroyed Soorapadma, And using his Vel with its matchless glitter broke the eight hills.

It was suggested that bringing the Parijatha flower could only get sights back to the people.

Those who are able to concentrate their thoughts on the feet of Muruga, Whose Vel is ever ready for battle and which kills the floating thoughts, Would loose sense of timing and the sense of attraction to this world, And would immerse themselves in divine thought of the dance of ShivaWith goddess Parvathi keeping the tune and singing herself.

Does he not remember the time when his legs were chained by Kanda? It is believed that the Vel split Soorapadma in to two and one part became the Peacock and the other a Cock, which occupied the flag standard of Muruga. Oh pitiable mind, which does not know that the wealth of great kings, Roaming with their armies riding on Chariot, elephant, horse and on foot, Would one day will vanish like the letters written on the water, If you depend and salute the group of devotees of Muruga, Who threw is shining Vel on the Krouncha mountain and Soorapadma, You can get protection and definitely not through any other alangaraj.

The God of the Vel who completed the destruction, Of the Krouncha kanndhar, in a manner which is strange, Put me, who never thought of giving anything to alangarqm needy, In the company of those of his devotees, who were very pure, And because of that this body got freedom from the sorrow of birth, And the rope of attachment which tied my body was also cut.


He who reads and alanagram, at least one stanza out of hundred From the good book on Kanda called Kandar Alankaram, Would not be afraid of angry kings nor the fight with God of death, Would not be afraid of the horrible hell hole nor to bad diseases, Would not be afraid of tigers nor bears nor elephants. It is a very good and pleasant act to praise And pray the nephew of the black Vishnu, Who is the leader of hunters who married The daughter of the red deer in a non ritual manner, Who holds the flag with the cock in his hands, Who is the one who saved the devas, By Killing Soorapadma who took the form of a mango tree Who armed himself with Vel, which is suitable for war, ,And who is the Velava of Thiruchengode With lots of young betel nut and mango trees.

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Arunagiri was born in Thiruvannamalai, a town in Tamil Nadu. And when this is so, how can you ever get salvation?. Would come before me riding on a blue peacock, Accompanied with the pretty tribal girl, Valli, And the truth that he gives as advice to me as teacher, Would be clear to very learned yogis slowly and after thought, And others would do meaningless acts and kabdhar death. Oh teacher with six faces, what shall I tell about your kindness, Which taught me the honey of happiness which was made by you, In your top peak of your wisdom, mixed with your graceful pity, And made me, alanbaram was living in empty solitude, clear my thoughts.

Set as Ringtone, kandnar, notification 6. Account Options Sign in. Oh God who married the daughter of the chieftain of the mountain, In Mountainous area known as Vallimalai [8]when horn, flute and drums were played, You decided to remove my sorrow and secretly told in my ears, The secret that made me realize and this truth was made known to me in this small place.

Oh God who is the greatest in the world of Devas, Oh darling of him who burnt the God of love, Who is an expert in war fare and waged, A war with the arrows made of flowers like jasmine, Oh God who owns the breasts of the blue Valli, Who looks after the field of Thinai with immature pods.

kandhar alangaram

Oh merciful Lord who is the darling son of Lord ShivaWho holds the holy river Ganges and snake in his red forest like matted hair, And who also wears the Thumbai flower and the single crescent of the moon.

Pause kanrhar call 7. Oh Kanda, Oh Muruga with the Vel, I do not foresee, Any method for attaining salvation, from in this temporary life, As I got attracted and was carrying the body of mine, Which is but a packet tied by the bones and suffered, And my mind is burning now with the pain due to sorrow, Because of the fate which made me to be born in this world.