A Sadhana for the Solitary Figure of Glorious Kalachakra. ༄༅། །དཔལ་དུས་ཀྱི་ འཁོར་ལོ་དཔའ་བོ་གཅིག་པའི་མངོན་རྟོགས་བཞུགས་སོ། །. By Kunkhyen. Kalachakra Sadhanas. 9. The Uncommon Practice of Kalachakra Sadhana 時輪 金剛不共法儀軌. The Kalachakra Shield Practice Sadhana 時輪金剛盾牌法儀 . Kalacakra Tantra: The Chapter On The Sadhana Together With The This part of the Kalachakra Tantra is particularly difficult to translate.

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Kalachakra practice in Sakya – Dharma Wheel

I would like to further my study and practice, but could not find any books on Kalachakra specific to the lineage transmitted by HHST majority are on the Gelugpa transmissions. From her, as well, they are likewise emanated out and once again, in the aspect of the circle of those in my mandala, they enter me through the crown of my head.

From this moment on, till my purified state, I reaffirm my bodhichitta aim, heighten my pure resolve, and get rid of grasping for “me” and “myself, the possessor. Each of my faces has three eyes and on the crowing bun of the locks of my hair are a crossed vajra and a crescent moon, while a blue Vajrasattva adorns my head.

Subtle Yoga Arrow down Arrow up Then once more this very drop proceeds as it did when it came before. Please share your opinion of this book with us. Within a state of voidness, from YAM, comes disc of wind, black, with a shape like a bow, marked with victory banners. I prostrate to you, Glorious Kalachakra. Building Up a Network of Deep Awareness If phenomena are regarded as totally non- existentthis is not correct meditation.

With the self-esteem of myself as a Holder of the Vajras, the fire of tummo, like stainless lightning, at the syllable HOH at my navel, being roused by my downward-voiding wind, scorches, with light-rays blazing up through the path of my avadhuti central channel, the five mandala rounds of energy-wind that, in the nature of my five aggregate factors, fall in my left energy-channel, and the five mandala rounds of energy-wind that, in the nature of my five elemental sources, fall in my right energy-channel, immobilizing them so that the sensors of my eyes and so forth are no longer involved with their objects.

View Site Map main pages only. From my heart it proceeds to my throat in the manner of a man-made result — distinguished joy. We, as the father and mother principal couple, absorb ourselves in a balanced union.

On the eight petals: This chapter describes in detail the Buddhist tantric practice of the stage of generation, including the instructions on the protection of the place of practice, the meditative practices of the origination of the body and the deities abiding in the body, the yogic practices of the stage of generation, and diverse mundane sadhanas designed to induce the mundane siddhis.

David then wrote the review you can read here. The moon, the sun, the vowels and consonants, which are in the nature of white and red bodhichittas, merge into one with the syllables that are the consciousness and the energy-wind, and from this arises the syllable HAM, a great blissful awareness — sphere of reality deep awareness.


In Sakya, the main Kalacakra practice is the preliminary practice for the six yogas; it is a simplified form in one face and two arms. By this positive forced may all limited beings turn to and attain an unchanging, supremely blissful awareness. On top of all this, from MAM, comes a great Core Mountain Meru, with the self-nature of a vajra, at its bottom, 16, ancient miles in breadth and at its top 50, ancient miles.

At the private place of my lady of discriminating awareness, within a non-objectifying state, from an AH comes a lotus, red with eight petals, the hole of which is stopped with a PHAT. Within a state of voidness, from YAM, comes a disc of wind, black, with a shape like a bow, marked with victory banners. As David Reigle explained to me, the Sanskrit in this chapter is so complex that he often did not manage to make head or tail of it by himself, and he greatly admires Vesna for accomplishing this first translation into a Western language.

From it, light-rays emanate out and invite to the expanse of the space before me all Triumphant Ones, with their spiritual offspring, in the aspect of the mandala world of Kalachakra, the Vanquishing Master Surpassing All. They do what is of meaningful benefit for wandering beings and then again, simultaneously with the winds that enter inside me, gather back into the syllable at their hearts, thus enacting the enlightening deeds of emanating out and gathering back in.

Within the origin of all phenomena, the endless sphere of space, from YAM comes a round cylinder of wind, black, marked in the center with the shape of a bow,ancient miles in breadth and marked with victory banners. From A and AA, then vajras, come an Akshobhya and a Vajradhatu Ishvari, both green with three faces — green, red and white — and six arms, holding in the right three hands a vajra, a cleaver and axe, and in the left three ones a vajra handled bell, a skullcup and the head of a Brahma.

In my heart, from a PAM comes a lotus, red with eight petals, on the seed-head of which, from AM comes a moon disc, on top of which, from HUM, comes a five-spoked vajra.

Meditation is not to be aimed at the meditator, meditation, lalachakra what is meditated on as existing in any of the four extreme ways. In short, by however much I have built up a network of lustrous positive force by steps such as these, may I quickly be born in Shambhala, the storehouse of gems, and complete there the stages of the peerless path.

Standing atop a moon, a sun, a Rahu and Kalagni, most playfully with my right leg outstretched, my right leg is red and has underneath it a red Kamadeva, God of Desire, with one face and four arms, holding in his hands five flower-arrows and a bow, a grappling-rope and an elephant-hook.

In her left ones, she holds a skullcup, a grappling-rope, a hundred-petaled white lotus, and a gem. He emanates forth simultaneously with my exhaled breath and latches on with his elephant-hook to the navel of the principal figure of beings for deep awareness who are similar to the ones I have been meditating on.

Abridged Nine-Deity Kalachakra Sadhana

If you over-organize humans, over-legalize them, suppress their urge to greatness – they cannot work and their civilization collapses. When they enter inside my mandala palacewe, as father and mother, absorb ourselves in a balanced union, which draws the father and mother Thusly Gone Buddhas into my heart.

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Through the purification of the four disturbing emotions, there are Rudra, together with his wife, and the party of demonic Mara and his wife pressed under my feet, the Ruler of the All-Pervasive.

For the most part, only Lama Dampa, Takstang Lotsawa and Amyezhabs wrote anything of significance on Kalacakra, unless of course you count Buton as a Sakyapa — the Gelug lineage comes from him. For beings tormented by the disease of disturbing emotions, I request you to set flow rounds of Dharma transmission of the nectars of Vajrayana, to heal them into blissful awareness.

O Buddhas abiding in the ten directions, by our meditating on the three unshatterable Vajras, make us Holders of the Three Vajras and cause us, right now, to remain uplifted and inspired. Transforming into the circle of those in my mandala world, assuming aspects having the 32 excellent signs, they depart to each of their own Buddha-fields. She has eight arms, in the kaalachakra hands of which she holds a cleaver, an elephant-hook, a hand-drum replete with its sound, and a garland of counters.

With a nature of voidness and compassion, you neither take birth in the three planes of existence, nor perish away. May I never be parted from perfect gurus in all my lives; may I joyfully experience the glories of Dharma; may I gain in full the qualities of the paths and stages, and thus attain quickly a Vajradhara state.

Of my four red hands, in the first is a bow, in the second a vajra grappling-rope, in the third a gem, and in the fourth a white lotus. Instantaneously, I arise with kalachamra face and two arms.

Dharma Wheel

This material is intended for those who have received the appropriate empowerment initiation for the practice of this deity system and who have taken and keep the associated vows. In the center of the top of it, from KSHAM comes a variegated lotus, equal to half the breadth of the top of Mount Meru, with a seed-head a third of this in breadth.

Correct meditation on voidness is not to be aimed at any of the four extremes. They enter into and infuse my body. From the Buddhas and masters from whom I’ve received the highest empowerments, the Dharma of inseparable method and wisdom they show, and both Sangha divisions abiding in it, I clearheadedly take safe direction.

Its walls are three layers thick, from the outside, in order, black, red and white. Supreme Triumphant Mandala Arrow down Arrow up Generation Within the origin of all phenomena, the endless sphere of space, from YAM comes a round cylinder of wind, black, marked in the center with the shape of a bow,ancient miles in breadth and marked with victory banners.