Princess Juliana Anicia (), daughter of the Anicius Olybrius, Emperor of the is available in facsimile and is now referred to as the Juliana Anicia Codex . PDF | The Greek pharmacopeia of Pedanius Dioscorides (20–70 CE), entitled Peri Ylis Ialikis (latinized as De Materia Medica, On Medical. Ancient Greek Illustrated Dioscoridean Herbals: Origins and Impact of the Juliana Anicia Codex and the Codex Neopolitanus. Article (PDF.

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She married Flavius Areobindus Dagalaiphus Areobindus julianz, and their children included Olybriusconsul for For this and other commissions Juliana may be considered the first non-reigning patron of the arts in recorded history. The manuscript was presented to Anicia out of gratitude for her funding the construction of a church in the suburbs of Constantinople.

It was destined to be one of the most famous books on pharmacology and medicine but is also richin horticulture and plant ecology. It is good for hypochondria [nervous gastric disorder] and disorders of the chest and womb; it expels the menstrual flow, and induces belching and urine. According to Dioscorides, its shape revealed its purpose as an antidote for snakebites. Whether Juliana entertained political ambitions of her own is uncertain, but it is known that her husband declined to take up the crown during the riots.

From the time of its creation “Nearly nine centuries were to pass before we have further knowledge of the whereabouts of the codex. A relative of the notorious Atropa belladonna, or Deadly Nightshade, the Black, or Garden, Nightshade is potentially harmful, but its poison is relatively mild.

Cambridge University Press, The mandrake root he is looking at is held by the personification of Epinoia the power of thought. His military years provided opportunities for studying diseases, collecting and identifying medicinal plants, and discovering other healing materials.

Anicia Juliana

The Anicia Juliana codex also contains the earliest illustrated treatise on ornithology. Cultivated and codfx carrots aniccia the Juliana Anicia Codex of Staphylinos Keras The cultivated carrot Staphylinos Agrios The wild carrot, but appears to be a primitive type of cultivated carrot Gingidion The wild carrot Daucus gingidium.


Illustrated by a Byzantine A. Collecting Books, Manuscripts, Art. This miniature is an altogether original creation and, with the inclusion of the personifications and the putti, shows the endurance of the classical tradition in Constantinople, despite the fact that Anicia herself was a pious Christian.

A Usurpation of Imperial Patronage? The first two books have illustrations of the birds inserted into the text columns without frame or background for example, see here. User Username Password Remember me.

Dioscorides anicka its use as a purgative, antitoxin, skin cleanser, and labor-inducer. What Vienna Dioscurides or Dioscorides means is that it is a book written by one Dioscorides that is now kept in Vienna.

He recorded many plants previously unknown to Greek and Roman physicians, and made an effort to describe not only their qualities and remedial effects, but also something of their botany and living morphology including roots, foliage, and sometimes flowers. Staphylinos Keras The cultivated carrot. Thus the proposed herbs provide some possibilities, and the reader is invited to place a personal interpretation upon the material. It is probable that these illustrations are based on the illustrations from an older, different treatise, possibly that of Alexander of Myndus.

Whence Juliana, the glory of her blessed parents, inheriting their royal blood in the fourth generation, did not disappoint the hopes of the empress, the aicia of a noble race, but raised this from a small temple to its present size and beauty. Anicis medicinal and alimentary plants number about a hundred more than all those medicinal or not known to the great botanist Theophrastus, and described in his fine botanical work, the Enquiry into Plants, some two centuries before.

Closest to Galen are Crateuas and Dioscurides. Portrait of Princess Anicia Juliana Creator: It is good for coughs, convulsions, and hernias. An Illustrated Dioscoridean Recension.

Each of the figures is a self-contained portrait and was probably modeled on authors’ portraits from the various authors’ treatises. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

However, it is believed that these illustrations were made as copies of an earlier herbal and were not drawn from nature.


The manuscript was produced for the Byzantine princess Anicia Julianathe daughter of Flavius Anicius Olybriuswho had been emperor of the western empire in CE. This is the earliest known manuscript to use a solid gold background. The birds portrayed throughout the treatise are of high artistic merit and are faithful to nature in form and color. In Honour of E. Book Five dealt with wines and included a carrot recipe! Email the author Login required.

A comparison ofthe common illustrations contained in both NAP and JAC suggests that many of the illustrations julianw from a common source,perhaps an illustrated collection owned by Theodosius II, but the possibility also exists that some of the NAP images are direct copies of JAC images.

In this codex will turn exactly years! John the Baptist Greek orthodox monastery in Constantinople.

File:Carrot, Juliana Anicia – Wikimedia Commons

In the text accompaying eleven of them there is association with the writings of Krateuas. The artist seems to have based his work on illustrations from the Rhizotomicon of Crateuas of Pergamon 1st century B. Daucus which is also called julana from Crete has leaves similar to marathrum [] yet smaller and more slender, a stalk twenty centimetres long, and a tuft similar to coriander.

There are also other illustrations that are more abstract. He transcribed the knowledge of his time in accurate and precise detail, uncritically adding myths, legends, superstitions, personal observations, and opinions in a discursive, entertaining, encyclopaedic work.

Folio 6v, donor portrait. Anicis learned physician, he practiced medicine as an codeex doctor, and saw service with the Roman legions in Greece, Italy, Asia Minor, and Provence in modern-day France.

Home What is Feminae? Of her architectural projects, we know only three churches which she commissioned to be erected and embellished in Constantinople.