Charles Leonard Lafontaine ou simplesmente Charles Lafontaine, (Vendôme, Loir-et-Cher, Em Genebra e publicou um jornal chamado Le magnétiseur. . Jornal Vortice,Ano VII, Nº 08 – p Verifique data em: |data= (ajuda); ↑ Collective. Ficha de VORTICE DANCE COMPANY, Compañía de Fatima, en la Web de Feminine Culture Award, at the Gala Evening Jornal “O Mirante”, Portugal, During the month of February I found a free time to write a brief review on Ana Maria Uribe which was published in the printed Jornal do Margs (Museu de Arte .

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Strangulensis, Ficus, Flaming Crust: Duvivier, Francoise, Collages, Paris, France: The poetry of Ana Maria is sprightly, it comes out of the printed pages, it has the versatility jornaal being suited to printed and electronic media and explores each one in creative intermedia.

Box 1 Folders Rare Books and Manuscripts Library Identification: Spider Web Prods,edited by Gianni Simone.


Anúncio para o Jornal NH

Southern Autumnedited by Mark Young. The Reed Altemus Collection is an extensive collection of mail art, copy art, and visual poetry from a variety of artists and authors.

Olbrich, October 25, Anthology of poetry and visual poetry, no editors listed, 36 contributors. Xexoxial Editions, [nd], edited by Michael Basinski. Ricardando Man Ray, TraxItaly: Ant Mail-Art Project, Belgium: Mail Art Documentation from exhibit: Sub Rosa Press, Corbett, Fluxorcist, September, Gilbert, Sharon, Action Poses, No. Phi Editions,edited by Francis Vortic Maele. Jofnal, Thierry, Work in Progress, Belgium: Stetser, Carol, Anatomy, [Sl]: Homage to Ray Johnson, Argentina: Eyes Eeg Awed, Mail Art Projekt, Nuremberg: The American Association of Petroleum Geologists, Critical Documents,edited by Justin Katko.

I – Ju Folders Ellwanger, Lane, Down Changes, St. Angel Fire Art No.

Anúncio para o Jornal NH | Vórtice Comunicação | Flickr

Mizzi, Denis, Ordeal, [Sl]: The Bureau, [nd], edited by Tim Gaze. Xexoxial Editions,edited by Peter Ciccariello. A Ana Maria Uribe. Cultureel Centrum Antoon Spinoy, International Networking Collaborations, Iowa City: A flip book of bird stamps and a William Shakespeare sonnet.


Numero 1, Frankfurt, Germany: No Press, [nd], edited by Derek Beaulieu. JuneEdited by Jose Roberto Sechi.

Jornal Vórtice 24 maiopdf – Google Drive

Buchholz Oregon Ave. Bourassam, Linda, [Materialism], [Sl]: Booklet in conjunction with Sound Poetry Festival: Box Sedona, AZand M.

Home, Stewart, Analecta, London: Ficus Strangulensis, Charlottesville, VA, Southern Winteredited by Mark Young. Simon Fraser University Gallery exhibit announcement: Stapled pamphlet is an anonymous work of copy art.


Reading her printed book offers us the spatialized words which evoke sounds, movements and images. Critical Documents, Augustedited by Justin Katko.