How do I remove Designed by and the JM Tube logo on the (I’ve paid for magento developer, but the JA Copyright removal is. The line “Designed by ” OR “Designed by ” is allowed to be removed if you are holding a Developer package or. How to remove the Joomla! footer. If you want to Change the Joomla footer text to show the Copyright symbol, current year, Your Name.

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They are working on the official announcement regarding to that. I used the Contact us link in the bottom menu of their home page.

I post this article in Indonesian on my other blogs in bodohtidaktolol. If you used JA Wezen for Joomla 1. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Hope this help you. Sign up now” and when you click on this image, it brings you to the Joomlart website sign up page. In this site the option for the idioms are located to the right of the top. If you want to quote or re-publish this article: We only index and link to content provided by other sites.


Does anyone know how to? Paul Murray about 4 years ago.

This is my 2nd attempt in trying to get an answer from these guys. Which template did you use?

Removing Info From Purity III Template – [OSTraining Support Forum]

Current Status After you opened these, you can find text: I would like copydight change that Joomlart link to my register or membership sign up page. I’m not sure about the reason behind their late response, though.

Check out the screenshot of this awesome template: Anonymous September 13, at Anonymous December 29, at I’ve personally contacted the JoomlArt team for you. Can some one tell me how to make these changes?

How to customize or remove Copyright info | Joomla Templates and Extensions Provider

Anonymous Copyrivht 28, at 5: Alex November 27, at 8: This is not working anymore with the new templates. Copyright Disclaimer This site does not store any files on its server. Anonymous November 21, at 3: Just Sharing March 14, at 4: Thank you in advance and best regards, Eduardo Ortega.

In that file you can find “Copyright” and “Designed by” text, and of course the link to Joomlart site. Because of one or more of the reasons we want copyrigt change or delete the phrase do not change the original designer name with our name, it violates the Intellectual Property Rights.


Copyright Removal

This is just sharing all the things i know, please don’t use this if you don’t “purchase Copyright Removal feature”, related to this from the joomlart terms of use: Anonymous January 10, at 5: Fred October 17, at For JA Rave I found it here: I once handled a customer that didn’t received any response only to learn that joonlart of our responses to him went straight into his junk mail.

JoomlArt never fails to surprise us.

I’m glad that you liked it. Any designers reading this would know that you can easily customize it using ThemeMagic in real-time without having to get in too deep with it’s codes.