Safe Area Gorazde is Sacco’s magnum opus and with it he is poised too become “Joe Sacco is a unique figure in modern comics: there is no one else who. Safe Area Goražde has ratings and reviews. Joe Sacco spent five months in war ravaged Bosnia during and put together his experiences for a. In , comics artist and journalist Sacco (Palestine) rode in a supply convoy into the U.N.-designated safe area of Gorazde, a small Bosnian Muslim town.

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Kejayaan Nazi memang sudah lama berlalu, namun filosofi fasis-nya masih terus diusung pada setiap perang dimanapun setelahnya.

URL accessed April 25, One of the things that really impressed me were the drawings themselves, the graphics. Di sini seorang bapak harus bersembunyi dari seorang tentara yang dulu sering mengerjakan PR bersama anak bungsunya. Yugoslavia was raea up of mostly Croatians, Serbians, and Muslims.

Safe Area Goražde – Wikipedia

Goraazde main thread in the novel is Joe Sacco’s time living in Gorazde, an enclave for refugees often overlooked throughout the course of the Bosnian War.

Sacco lived for a month in Gorazde, entering before the Muslims trapped inside had access to the outside world, electricity or running water.

To purchase it, click here. The book focuses on the Muslim-held enclave of Gorazde, which was besieged by Bosnian Serbs during the war. Ethnic cleansing, torture, and rape seem like strange subjects for a graphic novel, yet somehow The population was made up of three distinct ethnic and religious groups: The UN declared a few places “safe areas”, but this story is also the story of UN failure to enforce peace and protect people – just as they failed in Rwanda.


Safe Area Goražde: The War in Eastern Bosnia, 1992-1995

And then, in a matter of months, people from the city were freezing to death trying to walk to find food. Apart from a few swfe missions in April, the UN did not intervene against this Serbian aggression, which only gained in force as time passed. Besides spending his time hanging out with friends he made and enjoying his status as a foreigner, he also goes around interviewing those who survived for their stories- and disperses them throughout the novel. The offensive succeeds due to the inaction of the UN peacekeeping forces.

Again, this information is skeletal. ssafe

It does not at all detract from the masterpiece that Safe Area Gorazde though- it just safd that it is a lot more like reading an in-depth novel than other graphic novels.

Panels like the “Drina” cigarette and “Drina” river right next to each other serve to remind readers constantly throughout this book about how the life of a person can be reduced almost to worthlessness. Still, I feel like I only understand a tiny bit.

Review: Safe Area Gorazde by Joe Sacco | Books | The Guardian

He isn’t ever trying to pretend he is just some fly on the wall. Tidak jarang beberapa di antaranya masih meregang nyawa dan merintih penuh rasa sakit. Kota-kota tersebut berada di bawah perlindungan unit pasukan perdamaian PBB, Unprofor. In When I was first reading this and did not imagine that there was more graphic journalism of this kind – I only knew MAUS as graphic non fiction it was so hard for me, at first, to think of Joe Sacco explaining what he was doing, in Gorazde.


Return to Book Page. Kisah yang dituturkan Dr Alija misalnya, benar-benar gorazce sesak. I’m not sure why it made so much more of an impact on me than all of the other books of war journalism I’ve read over the years. Edin has no time to waste; he has wasted the most important period in his life in battlefields. Bahkan Jenderal Rose, puncak pimpinan militer PBB di Bosnia berdalih mereka harus netral dan berpendapat jumlah korban dan kondisi di Gorazde telah dilebih-lebihkan!!!

I watched the five hour PBS documentary that shows what happened after the Yogoslavian leader died. By page nine I stopped noticing that Joe Sacco’s work was graphic reportage.

However, townsfolk point out that there is still much more to go. Joe Sacco spent five months in war ravaged Bosnia during and put together his experiences for a very compelling read. Sacco combines the oral histories of his interviewees with his own observations on conditions in arfa enclave as well as his feelings about being in a danger zone.

Mengoperasi tanpa obat bius, mengamputasi dengan pisau dapur adalah sedikit dari kengerian yang terjadi di rumah sakit Gorazde. Sacco visits the locals and gets a gotazde view of the war’s brutal effect on the town.

Perang Bosnia adalah sebuah upaya genosida pemusnahan suatu kaum atau etnis yang disulut propaganda rasialis yang sempit.