Jeff Willet’s Lost Logs – This is a collection of Willet’s 18 week diet, supplement and cardio logs for his preparation for the Team Universe and. from Jeff Willet’s daily training journal and Skip La Cour’s website. . trying to increase lean muscle mass and/or lose body fat, and I plan to pay a access where I am working so I will still be able to log on and participate. And I doubt seriously Jeff Willet or Skip Lacour used Max Ot “exclusively” .. If you read any of Jeff Willet’s training logs now, he does over head.

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I wouldn’t say DC is far superior to anything. It contains explicit detail documenting every single nutrient I ingested as well as the timing of each meal. Can you hook a brother up with some pre contest ebooks?

I’ve been training with max-ot since i began and put on almost 50 lbs in 14 months. Supplements Supplements Building muscle takes loge. Always remember that consistency outside the gym with your nutritional behaviors is equally as important as your dedication to the weights and a well organized and detailed eating plan will help you stay on track.

Jeff Willet April 10, His main point is to not fatigue the muscle, but just to overload it with heavy weights very quickly. Apparel Visit my log apparel store. Body Weight Chart documenting my body weight changes for the entire year.


I’m extending it a bit on the fourth week of the first workout simply to give myself enough time to learn the new exercises well. Caloric calculations really happen best when you can chart your intake over time and adjust based on your progress. I won the 18 and under division as well as the Over All Teen Title. This is essential as you are preparing for a contest because you will need to manipulate nutrients and calories as you go. I could not have come this far without the support of my family and friends.


Is there in one of your programs a way to calculate your Maintenance calories?

My next set of goals has lead me back to Michigan. I know pre contest dieting can be a frustrating and confusing experience due to all the conflicting information, but find out what works for wi,let.

Understanding Warm-up Sets Cardio Timing. Fortunately this story has a happy ending.

I think it would be a good program to give someone that wants things spelled out for them, probably be good to use jef after starting strength and other such programs. It’s obviously worked for him, but he’s a genetic freak if he did all of that without any gear.

I’ve always been one to fatigue till failure, so any input on other variations of bodybuilding are interesting.

Starting Max-OT today | John Stone Fitness Forums

Originally Posted by spiderman Valued Priced at only: Random Six Pack Abs! I think it is too your benefit to focus on building muscle while losing fat as every once of muscle will raise your metabolic rate and help the process.

Mikhael Jorgensen December 17, Nutrition Your workouts are merely the stimulus and it is what you do when you leave the gym that will directly impact the degree of your results. I always loved reading your online training journals and now the “Lost Logs” ebook puts that information right in my hands Very handy for the competitor looking to achieve a great colour on the day.

I know that when you begin you gain muscle very fast and the gains will slow down with time but it’s a solid programm. Any joint problems or injuries related to the heavy curls and lateral raise type movements? Samuli May 26, As I continued to compete in the Men’s divisions I furthered my education in the field that I so loved.

Check out the details here: Aug 17, Messages: Supplements Supplements Building muscle takes effort.


I knew at that moment, with every fiber jjeff my being that I wanted to become a champion bodybuilder. I’d like to see how it goes over the course of a few months. I train on monday, tuesday, thursday and friday.

I will definitely look at this program for sometime in the future. Keep it Simple…Nutrition strategies that actually work! Wilet by Sterling Adventures.

It seems like it would really get to be a grind after a while. Forum alerts on the main site, and more. Darian April 1, A mistake I made early on in my own prep The approach outlined in this logbook is ejff used by someone who has walked the contest prep journey before and is confident that their body will respond to the slight adjustments made. Hi Jeff, my primary goal is fat loss. This online video features a unique inside look at the exact methods I prescribed to Stuart MacDonald during his amazing body transformation… Learn More….

“Lost Logs” Final Days of Prep Clarification | Jeff Willet

You are commenting using your WordPress. Jeff Willet June 21, When I was younger people would ask me if I worked out even though I had never touched a weight. My goal with the nutrition plan is not to necessarily create caloric surplus but rather to follow precise nutrient selection and timing, consume consistent protein intake and have most of the daily willrt and carbohydrates coming in around the workouts time within 3 hours post workout.

Why do you think they didn’t use willlet Yeah these benchmark digits come to mean a lot to us, the few warriors in this arena. I’m a big believer in periodization for someone with goals like mine.