The Rising Tide: A Novel of the Second World War. Jeff Shaara, Author. Ballantine $ (p) ISBN Buy *The Rising Tide: A Novel of World War II* by Jeff Shaara, The Rising Tide: A Novel of World War II Jeff Shaara Ballantine Paperback pages. May The first in a World War II trilogy forms a weak foundation for the series.

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In this series View all Book 1. It’s all risiing – all in past tense, all crammed in between staff meetings, excursions out to the wastelands of sunny northern Africa, and stripped entirely of any kind of urgency.

To Try Men’s Souls. Now we can get back to the sluggishly beating heart of this epic. He is, however, quite adept at changing ‘ammo clips’ on his Thompson submachine gun.

I listened to this on Audible. In a lengthy preface, Shaara wonders what he can add to the legacy of writings about the conflict. If you want a good read that covers the same ground pick up Rick Atkinson’s superb nonfiction An Army At Dawn instead.

The Rising Tide by Jeff Shaara | : Books

But the Formula Works! Through unforgettable battle scenes in the unforgiving deserts of North Africa and the rugged countryside of Sicily, Shaara tells this story through the voices of this conflict’s most heroic figures, some familiar, some unknown. Disregard the strange detachment with which he addresses those around him. Captain of Rome Masters of the Sea. The lack of resources and bad orders cost the Germans multiple opportunities for devastating victories over the Allies.

Mar 15, Jimmie Aaron Kepler rated it really liked it Shelves: May 20, Pages.

This book kept me entertained and I learned quite a bit about WW2. And now we’re in Sicily for Operation Husky, as seen through the eyes of our curiously-detached paratrooper friend. Now we can get even MORE politics, more maneuvering, more flat dialogue, and more descriptions of offices, though in fairness some of these are situated on Gibraltar and therefore somewhat cave-like, so it may be that this counts as new and exciting.


As a starter its a good yarn filed with little known historical data about some of the best known Allied and Axis figures of the times. In the US makes its debut in the war against the Nazis by invading Morocco and Algeria, preparing to cut the Germans off during their retreat to the Tunisia stronghold.

That being disclaimed… Operation Torch was the point when an American army began to shake itself – painfully, at times – from a neglected peacetime stupor to an instrument of victory. One of the marks of good historical fiction, for me, is the way it prompts me to start researching stu Jeff Shaara made an admirable attempt to complete his father’s Civil War series, but his sequels, valuable though they are, could not hold a candle to The Killer Angel.

February Learn how and when to remove this template message. He completely misunderstands the proper usage of a comma and is unable to properly deliver speech. In the desolate hills and deserts, the Allies confront Erwin Jefr, the battlefield genius known as “the Desert Fox,” a wounded beast who hands the Americans their first humiliating defeat in the European theater of the war. Your display name should be at least 2 characters long.

The Rising Tide (World War II: , #1) by Jeff Shaara

The difficulty with a great deal of Historical fiction is how to weave the necessary narrative into the story to where the context and outside events are given their proper weight. You submitted the following rating and review.


The Third Reich in Power. Eisenhower, commander of all Allied Forces in the theater as he works to get the U. Then Mister Shaara spots eising mistake. As battles rage ttide the coasts of the Mediterranean, the momentum of the war begins to shift, setting the stage for the massive invasion of France, at a seaside resort called Normandy. Random House Large Print Availability: Okay, so this is technically fiction since Shaara puts the thoughts and words of historical figures into what is essentially a history of the North African and Italian campaigns of WWII.

Written very similar to his WW1 book. Jeff Shaara composes a very interest account of the battles in Sicily, Italy, and France forward from both an yhe view and that of the leaders.

The Rising Tide

Everything’s screwed up for the drop. A God in Ruins. From the Compact Disc edition.

Getting to know the characters, at times I often felt sorry for the German soldiers. With that in mind I was ecstatic to find a title that purported to cover a th neglected portion of the war effort. The Rising Tide Jeff Shaara book reviews: Here is Erwin Rommel, desperate for supplies in order to succeed in capturing Egypt. And he does it so well, y A great read I love historical novels, the setting in real events of interest of course, why would they use uninteresting events?

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