Used JBL Bookshelf speakers for sale on + second hand hifi sites & shops. Use Hifi Shark to monitor pricing and global availability. The then morphed into the L, a hugely successful home product with the cool sculpted foam grilles; and JBL developed the —an. This photo-essay details the restoration of a pair of JBL L Century, and a pair of JBL ‘s. The L’s are going to be re-veneered with quarter-sawn.

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The only flaw is one tweeter has the dustcap pushed in. The brilliance and presence pots contour the sound quite a bit, with the presence control turned all the way down, it seems the mid cuts out completely.

If you are a big fan of the east coast sound, odds are the JBLs will not be your cup of tea. So I’ll be reveneering these. I’ve done some large Advent woofers, but that’s all the experience I have.

You will NOT be dissapointed! Once the detailed sanding and filling are done, I put a coat of Watco Danish oil on them and do even more detail work to make sure that no glue shows. I can’t seem to find any 411 photos of these without the grills. Here, the walnut ‘s are all set for finish.


JBL ? Willi I be disappointed? | Audiokarma Home Audio Stereo Discussion Forums

No pushed in cones or smashed corners on these units with nice grills even though they are a bit dusty from age. Any easy way to tell if the drivers are original? The Advent wins in my book. It’s a very good deal, though. ClmrtApr 15, How tough is it to replace the foam on the tweets? Here’s 4311 “before” shot!

JBL 4311? Willi I be disappointed?

We use these in all JBL speaker restorations. I sprayed water on the wood and then weighted them down over a piece of wood. But I’m not even going to use the grill frames for these.

The L tweeter foams will be replaced. Do you already have an account? The pots are jnl dirty. Boomy bass, ‘forward’ midrange. Jl was not able to find replacement foam grills, so I’ll be installing cane grill cloth. The ‘s had a few issues with the veneer, like this chip. You can tell it’s a replacement because the squares on the foam are not evenly centered in the grill. I think the light color of the grill cloth along with the redish wood tone will look very classy.


JBL Restoration – Volti Audio – Klipsch Khorn V-Trac Upgrades

I’m adding an edge molding to the front of the L’s. L grill all cleaned up. I thought about filling the gap and painting the grain back in. You can see how red the Sapele veneer is now.

With the old crossovers I was getting a muddy m I’m sure replacement dust covers are available, and I’ve seen tweeters for sale on ebay pretty regularly. The mids have the ubl basket, and the inverted dustcaps. The darker areas are where I wetted the veneer tape to scrape it off. Share This Page Ibl. I think he had a lot of emails on these, even though the market around here is pretty small.

I purchased new foams for the tweeters. Willi I be disappointed? It looks like the woofers and mids don’t have any foam, correct?