daily cloridrato-de-irinotecano-tri-hidratado-teva-farmaceutica-ltda-solucao-injetavel- bula. Bula Amoxilina Hidroxizina Cloridrato de Hidroxizina Cloridrato de Irinotecano Cloridrato de Irinotecano Cloridrato de Lidocaína Detentor Referência Classe. IFL (irinotecano, 5-fluorouracil e leucovorin) e o IFL + BV (IFL associado ao bevaci- No intuito de melhorar os aspectos gráficos do conteúdo textual da bula.

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Audits occur retrospectively, i. The objective of this mobile application was to offer an interface for searching for, but not registering, data.

Irinoetcano of improvements according to the evaluation findings irinotceano made in both versions. The SUS score ranges from 0 to ; scores lower bulw 51 were considered poor, those higher than 71 were good, those higher than 86 were excellent, and those higher than 91 were the best possible scores. First, the application was presented to professionals, and the evaluator inspected the application, using the heuristics as a guide to identify possible problems.

Development of this study followed national and international ethical irjnotecano legal aspects of research on human subjects. Severity ratings for usability problems [Internet].

This tool was evaluated with regard to user satisfaction and usability, which helped promote irinoteecano in software before it becomes available to the public. Upon clicking on a drug name, information on that drug appears on a different page organized by topics, as shown in figure 1.

Pisa IT contributed with analysis and interpretation of the data and critical review to improve the manuscript intellectual content. This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License which permits unrestricted non-commercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

The product was evaluated by nurse auditors using the System Usability Scale questionnaire. Methods This study is a development applied research of an application for web and mobile technology used to search chemotherapeutic drugs in hospital bill auditing. When some information is omitted, doubts can appear that compromise the buula of the analysis. The world’s most popular open source database [Internet]. However, it is necessary to stay connected to the Internet upon first access to perform the initial synchronization with data for the drug pharmaceutical guide and storage data of local login.


The methods for development and evaluation were adequate to achieve the proposed objective. However, a nurse auditor will not always know if the drug is presented with its generic or brand name. Oncoaudit was made available at http: The catastrophic problem concerned error prevention, in which irjnotecano first evaluator verified that in pharmacological group locking could occur during the search.


The growth of the supplemental health segment and the widening of care covered by the National Regulatory Agency for Private Health Insurance and Plans ANS led health insurances companies to develop strategies to reduce costs. In the usability evaluation with health informatics professionals, it was decided to apply Nielsen’s heuristic as the instrument.

It was also evalutated by health informactics professionals using Nielsen’s heuristics. In this way, the user will know the web system and the account information will iinotecano stored. The technical knowledge is imperative for releasing or auditing the charging process in oncology.

Determining what individual SUS scores mean: They also suggested that other drugs should be included and the application should be used not only by auditors but also as an instrument for teaching and updating. Nurse auditing in oncology is an area that often causes doubts, and few nurses identify them.

The mobile application was developed for the Android plataform. Nursing audit; Nursing informatics; Mobile applications; Medical informatics; Pharmaceutical preparations. After rigorous reading of pharmaceutical guide and inclusion of the content in the topics, we observed that several drugs with the same active principle had divergent information.

This method enabled us to include more than 68 categories of irinotecank, yielding drugs to form the database. The two severe problems were related to the bul principle “flexibility and efficiency of use” in which two evaluators perceived that two search filters – brand name and generic name – were unnecessary; the suggestion solution was to include a single filter to find this information.

Oncoaudit: development and evaluation of an application for nurse auditors

Nurse evalaution indicated that the web and mobile versions addressed user needs. How to Conduct a Heuristic evaluation [Internet]. Considering total evaluation in both products, they found 14 problems in the mobile version according to Nielsen’s heuristic, whereas the web version showed eight problems. The four icons developed have the following functions: With this research and the development of this application, ir was also expect to incentive the interest of nurse auditors in developing studies to improve the technical knowledge in nursing audit in consonance with technology for professional practice.

The nurse auditors met the following inclusion criteria: In an evaluation using Irinotecanoo heuristic, it was understood that this tool is a good alternative krinotecano test interactive bla websites in settings where time and resourses are limited. To perform an audit, nurses received a hypothetical case of a hospital bill from an oncology provider.


A total of 30 drugs were excluded because irinoteczno were duplicates or noncommercialized. In addition, it also enables users to access the application even if they are not connected in the Internet. In the usability evaluation, 14 problems were identified in the mobile version and eight in the web system.

FOLFIRINOX – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

The phases iriotecano a communication, which consisted of searching the requisites for the software; b planning, which entailed describing the resources that would be used and the schedule to be followed; c designing, comprising the model to be executed in agreement with the requisites identified; d construction, which combined code generation and tests to reveal errors; and e implementation, during which the product was analyzed and assessed.

Still, having correct information on drugs is fundamental.

Information technology and communication must be used to improve the professional development, decision support, and representation of resources that optimize the care process and evaluation, assuming that those who have adequate and updated information at the point of care are better able to make decisions. This instrument has 10 general bu,a principles called “heuristics”: Previous studies observed the uniformity and deficiency in information in pharmaceutical guide lists about the same drug, such as chemical and pharmacological characteristics, indications, contraindications, precautions and advertencies, drug interactions in adverse effects, posology, and overdosage.

The first evaluator observed a delay of the mobile version’s database with the web system for synchronization of updates. It is important to mention that of drugs, nine were not included in table format because of the length of the text.

A Likert scale was used, with values ranging from 1 totally disagree to 5 total gula ; 3 indicated a neutral response. The application stored all information of the pharmaceutical guide, including PDFs, in order to enable use even when the mobile device was not connected to the Internet. It was developed an application containing information to support auditing of drugs in hospital bills. Health informatics professionals irinotecanno had to have, preferably, a specialization, a master’s or doctorate degree in the area, and basic knowledge of Nielsen’s heuristic.

Synchronization after login ensures the use of as little space as possible in the memory of the device; as a result less time is needed for downloads.