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Poor detection method can lead to a failure of P2P botnets detection. An electroencephalogram EEG is a diagnostic test which measures the electrical activity of the brain using highly sensitive recording equipment attached to the scalp by fine electrodes.

We observed that based on their evaluation to obtain correct detection and tracking, Recursive detection algorithm and Mean shift tracking is ireccos to track the detected objects in motion based video. The TDMA scheme has been implemented using an adaptive timeslot assignment mechanism. Please see RTI’s privacy policy and cookie policy if you have questions about any information collected during the sign-up process. In the testing process, the images are preprocessed and subjected to feature extraction process.

The paper presents a new technique for building signature database jiurnal for optimal AA in Tamil email forensics. There have been a number of researches which also focused on the evaluation of clone detection approaches. The obtained results show that the proposed system can enhance cancer cell classification.

International Review on Computers and Software

Our conclusion is that quantitative Requirements Engineering Process Assessment model is useful in assessment of Requirements Engineering process in small organization and in identifying the strength and weakness of the Requirements Engineering processes. The cloud client encrypts sessions with the standard method; however, the server does not fully protect such sessions. The Author also warrants that the Work contains no libellous or unlawful statements, does not infringe on the right or privacy of others, or contain material or instructions that might cause harm or injury.

But, most of the existing security approaches do not provide reliable results under certain attacks. In the second stage, feature extraction is performed where a total of 18 feature where extracted. Abstract – Biometric authentication is playing a vital role in providing security and privacy. The estimation of link cost considers the transmission power and receiving power.


The chart shows the evolution of the average number of times documents published in a journal in the past two, three and four years have been cited in the current year.

In addition to the traditional mobile system challenges, it also faces many challenges such as dependency on continuous network connections, data sharing applications and federation with multiple service providers. Furthermore deriving several results according to an adapted mathematical model of the Dead Sea. Ireccos, for the security purpose, we introduce the three games and we proved the attackers fail to find the security attributes of our proposed signcryption algorithm.

We also present a case study showing our analysis. Abstract – In this study, it is proposed that a frame work evaluation of recursive and non recursive algorithms for motion based video object detection and tracking.

IRECOS journal

So, it is necessary to prevent the exudates which act as a major challenge in diagnostic task. Abstract – Multimedia security has become an active area of research in recent years due to the extensive growth and development of multimedia data exchange on the internet. Every paper and contribution will become the legal copyright of the publisher unless it is otherwise agreed, in order to have an easily dissemination and to ensure proper policing ireocs use.

Sahuqillo, The impact of out-of-order commit in coarse-grain, fine-grain and simultaneous multithreaded architectures, International Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Processing, Accordingly, the first challenges of large data processing will be handled through the semantic annotations method.

International Review on Computers and Software (IRECOS) | Publons

Surveys or tutorial papers are particularly welcome. The aforementioned problems can be avoided by using biometric template protection techniques for the online signature, which have been reviewed and discussed in this paper considering both protections and verification.

Video based object detection systems rely on the ability to detect moving objects in video streams. Cookies are used by this site. Finally the signcrypted data is compressed with the help of Huffman text coding procedure. First, depth-level curves were extracted to present 3D facial data then, we investigate the dimensionality reduction offered by Random Projection to perform an artificial system for face recognition using Back-propagation neural network.


CS is an emerging search algorithm and it proved the performance in solving optimization problems. Many advanced video applications such as video on demand and digital library indexation also require the scene detection to organize the video content.

Authors who submit articles for publication have to warrant that their work does not infringe any existing copyright and they have to indemnify the publisher against any breach of such warranty. Abstract – In diabetic retinopathy, exudates play a major part which causes blindness to the diabetic patients. Gaudiot, Minimizing the runtime partial reconfiguration overheads in reconfigurable systems, The Journal of Supercomputing, Vol.

The parametric time-frequency technique used is Periodogram PE. Abstract – In order to manage the growing amount of video information efficiently, a video scene segmentation method is necessary. Praise Worthy Prize Homepage. In order to perform the cryptanalysis, heuristic attacks are to be over the protocol.

In addition, advancement in wireless network together with ubiquity of devices has resulted in storing and retrieving incredible volumes of knowledge provided by data in the mobile devices.

Special Issue on Reconfigurable Computing, Vol. Normally, this search with approximate matching criteria requires sequential lookup for the whole collection of the attribute vector. Published “open access” articles: By simulation, it is shown that the proposed mechanism reduces the delay and packet drop while increasing the throughput. The authors hereby give their consent for Praise Worthy Prize to process their personal data in compliance with the Privacy Policy they had sight of.

This work presents generation of representative signatures of Tamil emails using lexical and syntactic based methods. By purchasing a copy of the journal, only a part of the publication costs is covered.

Pandian, Abdul Karim Sadiq.