Interkulturni izazovi globalizacije, Megatrend univerzitet,Beograd Langović Milićević A., Langović Z., Paţun B., (). Talent management as a driving force of. globalizacije»,. Megatrend univerzitet primenjenih nauka, Beograd (). [4.] JOVANOVIĆ. M.,. LANGOVIĆ. MILIĆEVIĆ. A.: “Interkulturni izazovi globalizacije” . Interkulturni izazovi globalizacije – Kupi na Internetu. Interkulturni izazovi globalizacije – Ceger – proizvoda iz Srbije i regiona.

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The first part of the paper presents the Danube River, in the frame of socio-historical and cultural aspects. Uvod u biznis, Megatrend, univerzitet, Beograd, In this context, popular mu- sic has its own specific role.

The research interests are in the fields of: Agenda 21 for culture: Between and he was a member of the research team of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in the project called “The Future of Work in the Automotive Industry with a View to an Impact of Robotization to the Labour”.

However, none of these physical artifacts and intangible heritage is neither protected by law, nor the means of its usage is prescribed, which de- monstrates the lack of awareness about the significance of cultural heritage for the development of village Omoljica and other village communities on protec- ted areas in Serbia.

In the framework of such supranational construction as the EU with its increasingly flexible borders and redistribution and re-delegation of powers, cities receive new opportunities for economic and cultural entrepreneurship. She understands heritage as relational idea, as a way in which individuals and groups actively take positions in relation to objects, places, buildings, events.


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Archaeological material has no inherent intellectual or economic value; it is only through the process of interpretation that material is transformed into information and then value is placed upon that informa- tion, which can be economic or aesthetic value. Dunavski festival u Ulmu.

In ozazovi paper, based on the French case, we interkulturin first study the different elements of the crisis, then examine the main texts and theories addressing the relationship between culture and sustainable development, in order to analyze the dynam- ics and limits of this relationship, by studying the different actors engaged, the values and principles as well as the strategies and actions they develop. The Cities of Everyday Life, http: Also she is a member of the editorial board of the journal “Science and Education: Ali samo jedna budala koja bi je nosila.

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Time and again, expression through the arts has been demonstrated as an effective tool for buil- ding open-minded and respectful societies. Levy, Pierre Collective Intelligence: However, a number of criticisms have been addressed to these creative cities. Subsequently Jovanovic left Serbia, saying that he had “no intention of doing anything more in Serbia.

Wood confirmed that a dissertation had been submitted but that it had been rejected. U modernom svetu izgleda kao da ljudi zavise samo od fondova, do kojih dolaze preko nauke koja je u funkciji tehnologije i profita.

The concern about culture as an important factor for sustainable development entered into the political and scientific discourse only at the turn of the century. This article has multiple issues. His thesis is about standards of transport time in postal sector. Theoretical research is focused on the attempt of establishing of a relation between the social phenomenons related with sustainable development: Culture and Sustainable Development at Times of Crisis 17 opposition between culture policies and entertainment policies2.


Mića Jovanović

By means of cinematic art, it globaoizacije witness to the unique cultural relationship between inhabitants of Omoljica and nature, demons- trating the synergy of nature and culture, that is natural and anthropogenic factors, using arts as its means. Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity. The overall aim is to bring together creative minds from different backgrounds and walks of life to think about the world in globalisacije ways and imagine creative answers to some of the urgent problems we face today Nasser This is perhaps the only way to secure long term sus- tainable and peaceful development.

Yet, against the present economic crisis, these structures seem particularly fragile. She went to primary and high school in Bor. Fi- nally, what world do we want to leave to the next generations? Website has been active since June 28, and it got visits in 10 months. In recent years, globalizacjie economic value of heritage has been used to defend and justify investments.