India’s retail market is expected to cross trillion USD by from the Indian retail sector is about billion .. varies from small cottage industries. Capitalising on. India’s growth story. Chapter 4: Entrepreneurial sector. Chapter 7 : .. spur its own growth, craft Winning Leap solutions that benefit India overall. 4 Major Challenges of Indian Handicrafts 27 Korean handicrafts market is still in its infancy with a very indian handicraft industry filetype pdf Hew Delhi.

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It is a sector that is still not completely explored from the point of view of hidden potential areas.

The Sector of Handicrafts and its Share in Indian Economy

The Indian products are completely handmade whereas Chinese products are machine made, thus Since India is an agro-based economy and most of its people live in rural areas that have direct link to these agro-based industries majority of rural people are working agribusiness industries for their livelihood.

It is a highly labor intensive, cottage based and decentralized The biggest problem in the Indian Handicraft indiian is that the village craftsmen remain concerned that with free trade and mass production, handmade products from other parts of the world will out price the products of their hard labour.

December 28, Citation: Over the years, the government is making huge investments in the handicraft sector to make the art of the country contribute to the economic growth. Yandicraft of current year is denoted by x, and the Export of previous year of the current year is denoted as.

Further the date shown in the table is presented in graphs which shown are the pictorial representation of the total export from the India to the rest of the world, and filtype export of handicraft products with its growth, and decline. Machinery in this subsector include machine tools, material handling equipment, welding equipment, and process control technology.


Today, handicrafts and handcrafted gift items manufactured, and exported from India are much sought after, and have established an unsurpassable reputation in the international market. Instead of higher potentialities, the sector is suffering indan the acute decline in export business. Handicraft sector got boost since the new Economic Philosophy of Inclusive Growth has been initiated as a route to success towards sustainability by the government of India.

This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.


The tools commonly used in ibdustry are the following: Disposable Plates by PalmPlates Handicraft Export and its Growth related particular years from the year to The main reason for this is it almost no innovative methods and technology advancement have been introduced in the handicrafts sector, which leads to stagnation of the sector. The main countries where Indian handicrafts have been spread since years have shown great interest, and likeness towards India work, and craftsmanship.

Total Export and its growth related to adjacent years from the year to Indian handicraft industry filetype pdf Most of the manufacturing setups have local employees and indigenous owners who operate such work in homes. Finally, we can say that this sector has potential to grow, and there are people willing to be the part of this sector, all they need is the help from the government, which can effectively contribute to the establishment hxndicraft business, and make this sector work as other organized sectors are working.

The allied sector of agriculture including handicraft sector provides employment for their upliftment and prosperity of all kinds of people whether poor or rich and rural or urban especially to those who live in underprivileged condition. Smart machines can propel your business forward.



The EU countries such as the UK, Germany, France, Hsndicraft, and Netherlandsis really a great market for Indian handicrafts such market has shown likeness, and interest towards Indian art, and culture.

The state and regional clusters contribute significantly to handicrafts export. The entire e-commerce process requires meticulous and well-informed planning to succeed.

For the purpose of achieving inclusive growth, India needs to better focus on the agriculture and agribusiness industries at first as hqndicraft are main source of employment for the poor who live in abject poverty.

That is the development of its million strong rural populations needs better economic policies and best source of employment by making the existing opportunities further stronger. Automation in Textile Industry 1 Dr.

In developing counties most of the people live in rural areas and are directly dependent on the agribusiness industries. Exports of handicrafts have increased dramatically since it has taken India to new heights, and further, this sector is readily fighting to reduce the balance of deficit. Handicrafts are matchless expressions as they represent culture, tradition, and heritage of a country.

Indian handicraft industry filetype pdf

Because of low capital investment people can start their business on small scale. The Handicraft sector has, however, suffered due to its being unorganized, with the additional constraints of lack of education, low capital, and poor exposure to new technologies, the absence of market induetry, and a poor institutional framework.

Objective of the study: Out of all these, local markets are still the most common market for many artisans.