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Apply line (stroke) settings

Honestly trying imwandeln help. You can save custom stroke styles for use in other InDesign documents. You need to understand that when volunteers try and answer questions on this forum we are aware that other users will be viewing the questions and suggested answers and be hopefully helped. However, in some cases this is not possible. In the panel menu, choose Stroke Styles.

Convert text to outlines problem | Adobe Community

But when it comes to special requirements, lots of programs quickly reach their limits. I just hoped to find an answer just like edat To preview the pfae at different line weights, specify a line weight using the Preview Weight option.

Und Diskussionen hier sind das A und O der Foren. For Type, select one of the following:. If you choose Dashed, a new set of options appears.

Adobe InDesign CC Archive – Flyeralarm – UK (EN)

Thanks, yes Acrobat converts the text to outlines as well but we also convert texts to outlines before exporting to PDF and sending to the printing house in order to prevent any errors such as font conflicts etc. I cannot fix indesign. You can also select stroke settings in the Control panel when a path or frame is selected. This option makes the stroke weight extend evenly in all directions around the path.


Specifies the limit of point length to stroke width before a mitered join becomes a beveled square join. Darum ging es auch dem Fragensteller.

Why are you converting text to outlines; this is not a reccommended workflow for a number pfaed reasons.

Hello all, I open an older version indesign document inand try to convert text to outlines, and it deforms, changes the adjustments of the text, changes the text frame width, leaving the outlined text with kerning errors.

Sample start and end shapes. Do one of the following:. Click OK to save the umwanddeln style and exit the dialog box.

Striped to define a style with one or more parallel lines. I know of someone who did word-processing in Lotus Click an icon to specify the position of the stroke relative to its path. With the line or path selected, open the Stroke panel, and choose a style in the Start and End menus. I have checked the fonts for any error, they seem to be fine.

To adjust the position of a dot, move its ruler marker.


You can not post a blank message. Add start and end shapes. BeInspired Know-how Technology Backstage.

To adjust the thickness of a stripe, move its ruler markers. If you frequently use the same stroke settings, you can save the settings in an object tfxt, and quickly apply the same settings to any object. For more information, see Object styles. And you might prefer to create logos in indesign Please type your message and try again.

Adobe InDesign CC Archive – Flyeralarm – UK (EN)

To delete a dash, pgade, or stripe, drag it out of the ruler window. It used to work from the early versions on until CC Dotted to define a style with dots spaced at regular or varying intervals.

Outlining fonts in indesign is only supported by Adobe for legacy workflows and thats just a fact. I can only advise. Swap Start and End Arrowheads Click the icon to swap tect start and end arrowheads.

Choose a stroke type in the menu. Save a custom stroke style.