Drug Company Name:Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Product List. Serial. No. Brand Name. Dosage. Generic Name. Pack Size. 1. Aboxitin 1 gm. Injection. Incepta has been launching new and innovative products in order to fulfill .. required to attain it would be in their top priority list- They need to. Since its inception, Incepta has been launching new and innovative products in order to fulfill unmet demand .. Following are a few of this long list of products.

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Incepta is taking special efforts to ensure presence in the rest of the inxepta. These molecules and dosage forms have played key role towards the rapid growth of the company in the last eleven years. It has plenty of vendors both local and foreign. Directors of Incepta Pharmaceuticals Limited own the majority shares. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A sample of this voucher is given in the Appendix-A Figure 12 8.

The lowest bidder with required quality is selected. Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd has also been accredited with the European Union GMP certification for its Solid Dosage form plant at Zirabo, Savar, in Bangladesh, a rare and one of the most coveted certifications for regulated markets.

They make the products available in every single drug store of the country. The responsibilities for the technical aspects of Quality Assurance are defined in the Quality Manual. Incepta started venturing in the field of human vaccines and hormonal products.

If we note the figure carefully, we can see that each account is affected by accounts payable. Before inspection no products will be used. We truly believe that we can only survive and grow if our nation remains healthy. The description is designed on basis of internal control questionnaires attached in the annexure prooduct. It is recorded in the record book after the sign has been made. This person does not have the access to handle the cash, securities or other assets. Again there is a physical control over item from their acquisition to disbursement.


A separate record is maintained for each check series issued or voided. Normally the user department receives items. Year End Maintenance Processing C. Disciplinary action should be consistently applied to all employees. Receiving goods, material and pdoduct Requisition of respective With approval of the department 4.

In some cases items are received by another department, a third one. Data elements conveyed by a produxt requisition of IPL include unique number of purchase requisition, CEP and purchase order number with date name and description of material and service, unit number, required quantity, unit price and quantity ordered. InThe company maintained the ranking of 3rd largest IMS.

If the checking is matched with those reports checks are issued to pay vendor.

The company is open to collaborate with interested parties in various countries. Quality Surveillance play active role in conducting external and internal audits with their follow-ups.

Accounts payable is credited here. Incepta began its operation with a handful of highly skilled and dedicated professionals guided by an able leadership. By the end of the yearIncepta was ranked the 8th company of the country IMS. Approved suppliers supply the active substances used in manufacturing. Information and communication systems include: When the authorized person signs the checks, he just skims through the attached documents with the payment voucher.

So it was not possible for me to do all the theoretical works. After all the procedure has been completed the check is given to vendor and the counter foil oncepta that check is preserved by IPL.

Incepta Pharmaceuticals

According to Chris Anderson4 there are nine methods to design accounts payable and accounting procedures 1. The accounts normally do not include accrued salaries payable, accrued interest payable, or rent payable.


Incepta believes in creating the difference in the market place by offering impeccable quality. The company is now expanding its activities beyond the geographical boundary of Bangladesh.

In each case there is a limit amount for ordering goods. Select Brand Name Generic Name. Bangladesh Corporate Headquarters Phone: After receiving materials, goods and services an MRR is issued for material and other than material a GRR is issued by receiving department to purchase department. Therefore in single word it would be called that internship is a process by which the acquired knowledge if the participant become expanded by application of academic knowledge in practical field.

The focus has always been to bring new, more technologically advanced molecules and innovative dosage forms to this country.

As a result of this certificate Incepta will be able to start export of non-patent infringing products to European union and many other regulated markets. They provide reliable financial reporting for management decisions.

Incepta intends to bring newer products of advanced technology through research hitherto unknown in inceptx country. InA total of 32 new generics with 82 presentations were launched.

Profile of Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd.- – First Online drug index of Bangladesh

The company regularly provides doctors with the latest information regarding the development of the ;roduct science. Quality is ingrained in the work of our colleagues and all our Values. According to me the internal control system at this stage is satisfactory because the ordering department and the receiving department are different.