Igbo Olodumare is a lush and pristine rain forest tucked away in southwest Nigeria. Its name translates to ‘The Forest of the Almighty’. Igbo Olodumare: D.O. Fagunwa: His second novel, Igbo Olodumare (“The Forest of God”), was published in He also wrote Ireke Onibudo (; “The. Ogboju ode ninu igbo Olodumare (translated from Yoruba) as is a mystery novel written by Daniel O. Fagunwa. Considered the first novel written in the Yoruba.

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I want to hear from people on this platform who has been there before.

Igbo Olodumare

Before heading to Igbo Olodumare, here are some helpful things to take along with you: The literature teacher said he had long expected government to rehabilitate the road to make it more accessible to the public. It is a cultural heritage site. We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.

Upon ooodumare, the terrain is hilly and hiking is often challenging due to its steep and slippery slopes. Visitors are expected to find seats at different spots where they relax their veins after energy sapping touring of the forest. May Learn how and when to remove this template message. The environment was as silent as the graveyard. Camera with good batteries.

Nevertheless, he is unrelenting as he daily reports at Igbo Olodumare like every worker and returns home in the evening, an evidence that he enjoys what he does. OK, I’ve not been there but lemme ask a friend that served there OK.

How true is that sir? Unfortunately he did not live long to enjoy that goodwill. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


In dry season, thick dusts usher the users of the road to and fro their destination. O Fagunwa, who reportedly died during one of his expeditions.

Have you been to “IGBO OLODUMARE”? Please share your Experience. – Travel – Nigeria

Home Nigeria Ondo Igbo Olodumare. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Okeigbo is a cool place to visit so pls let me know if you ever need my assistance. He said the value in the trip is more intangible than physical for him and his students, urging language teachers in secondary schools to share his passion and give their students further exposure.

I need people’s help here. The curator, who understands the geography of the site like the back of his palm, is ironically not on the employment of the ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Kaduna, Nigeria Lugard’s footbridge. Located in Ondo state, adventurers, tourists are welcome to confirm this myth, after all, seeing is believing. Nairaland Forum Welcome, Guest: I heard there are various requirements for entering the forest. Thanks Wow I am originally from Okeigbo!!! In allhe published five books before his death in Fagunwa, said groups of tourists often used the school premises as a relaxation centre after they might have climbed and descended Oke Langbodo.

The state Commissioner for Culture and Tourism, Ismaheal Olumirisi, said the state government has embarked on renovation to turn around all the tourist centers in the state so as to improve the economy of the state.

We’ll be coming from Akure. Also at the entrance is a sculptured figure of an ancient hunter which Faguwa described in his novel as being magically turned into statue.

Leave A Reply Cancel Reply. This thread is not getting much exposure here. Borno, Nigeria Rabeh’s Fort. How true is this??

The road to Oke Langbodo was rough, and hilly and narrowit was about 20minutes okada as this reporter was climbing over 76steps that lead to the base of the mountain his heart was pounding, and was panting like a tired dog who had ran about kilometres per hour. The group, according to Olanrewaju, have been effective in repackaging the site to draw more attention.


Hotels near Igbo Olodumare. Been to Igbo Olodumare before? The people believe the stream possesses the spiritual ability to prevent evil creatures from entering into the village and also has the power to neutralize any form of magical power in an evil-minded person.

Built by Inhabitants of Igbo Olodumare.

Exploring the Wilds of Igbo-Olodumare

Ondo, Nigeria Adeyemi College of Education. Please share your Experience. The development is a contrast to the traffic of tourists which was regularly recorded in Igbo Olodumare.

Tooh,I wish you all the best ohh ,the stories I read from those Novel though very scary. An important reason observed is the state of the road leading to the site. I mean it even exists in Nigeria wonderful. Due to some arguments over it ;some said his corpse was not recovered and not buriedhowever ,one of the klodumare officiating members at ooodumare funeral service in ,Venerable C.

These are the following things you can do while you’re here: Weekly summary of interesting things happening in Lagos. This article about a Nigerian novel is a stub. Good day to the Good people of Nairaland. Interesting Places to Visit near Igbo Olodumare. A pair of sunglasses- for sun rays and for that banging selfie look!