This is the IAPT Minimum Data Set (MDS) and should be routinely collected by all sites to support IAPT Key Performance Indicators. The. MDS includes patient. Map of positive practice examples for IAPT. . Useful resources on IAPT background and context. .. measures (minimum data set [MDS] and. ADSMs). The IAPT Programme is a Department of Health initiative to improve access to the IAPT Routine Outcome Measuring Tool (Minimum Data Set) should.

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National Psychiatric Morbidity Surveys — General practice consultation rates for psychiatric disorders in patients aged 65 and over: It is therefore important that older adults are able to access services, not only on moral grounds, but also on quality of life grounds and potential cost savings to health services, and more broadly to society.

Review of community prevalence of depression in later life. The prevalence of anxiety in older adults: Journal of Anxiety Disorders. Co-occurrence of anxiety and depression amongst older adults in low- and middle-income countries: Valuing the socio-economic contribution of older people in the UK. Introduction Anxiety and depression are two highly prevalent mental conditions in adults.

Partly based on the effectiveness of psychological therapies for ,ds treatment of common mental disorders, a large-scale scheme for Improving Access to Psychological Therapies IAPT for people suffering with mild or moderate anxiety and depression was announced within the English National Health Service in October and piloted in Doncaster and Newham in Greater London.


Waiting times for both IAPT assessment and treatment were slightly lower for older adult.

Symptom severity was assessed using two different scales. Age and birth cohort differences in the prevalence of ialt mental disorder in England: Finally, a large number of patients ended treatment after only one session, which certainly raises some questions as to why there are so many dropouts who do not complete treatment.

Odds ratios of recovery adjusted for gender, age, primary care trust, max number of sessions and ethnicity.

Improving access to psychological therapies and older people: Findings from the Eastern Region

Both time to first assessment and time to first treatment were calculated using the referral date as time zero. For this study, we subdivided the sample in two age groups: Depression as a risk factor for the onset of type 2 diabetes mellitus. The mean time to treatment in the sample was Waiting times were reduced not only for treatment but also for assessment, and differences were still seen when the maximum step of treatment, which relates to the severity of the condition, was taken into account.

The British Journal of Psychiatry: Click here to view.

IAPT MDS – IAPT MDS Minimum Data Set and Key Performance Indicator KPI links

Self-referrals were higher among older adults 8. The information captured at each session contributed to the IAPT minimum data set.

In this initial mde, these services were shown to be beneficial to older patients. Mental health in older adult recipients of primary care services: This survey only included households, and excluded hospitalised and institutionalised subjects, suggesting that the true-estimate of CMDs in overs may be higher. If further research confirms these findings, the economic argument that by improving mental health across the population the productivity is increased and consequently the economy of the country could be made for older adults too.


Dropouts from treatment and waiting times were also reported to be lower in this ialt group.

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Indirect cost savings related to hospitals and carers could be used to argue for better recognition and treatment of common mental disorders in older age. We compared and contrasted clinical indicator scores PHQ-9 and GAD-7 and outcomes waiting times, source kds referrals, recovery.

British Journal of General Practice. One further PCT was removed from the analyses as it did not include any adults over the age of This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Interventions for generalized anxiety disorder in older adults: Marionia Geoffrey C.

Furthermore, dropping out of treatment was negatively associated with recovery. Efficacy of cognitive behavioral therapy for anxiety disorders in older people: Routinely iqpt data are often subject to incompleteness, and are very unlikely to reach the low percentages of missing data seen in some research studies.

Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.