anca – I fondamenti degli Scacchi – pdf – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. Chicco, Adriano Storia degli scacchi in Italia: dalle origini ai giorni nostri .. JosĀ“ Raul e I fondamenti degli scacchi / JosĀ“ Raul Capablanca Decentrate: Il libro descrive l’evoluzione nel gioco degli scacchi dal XV al XX secolo, tempo e posizione, rappresenta i fondamenti degli scacchi che sono costanti nel tempo, di Steinitz attraverso l’opera di Lasker, Capablanca, Alekhine e Botvinnik.

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Not the same as zero.

I fondamenti degli scacchi

Berolina pawn Link s: See move option Source s: See chess boxing Source s: These are terms used to describe the setup, playing or description of a chess variant game. With respect to a given piece, a square that may be entered either 1 when it is vacant, or 2 when it is occupied by an enemy piece, which is scaccchi. Limited version of the griffon that must slide at least three squares Link s: The squares making up the chess board.

Knight that moves only to or from edge and center four cells of the board. See ultima Source s: See janggi Source s: Any cpablanca combined with a non-royal king i. A Pawn making an initial multi-square advance may be captured by an enemy Pawn, if the advancing Pawn passes through a square that is guarded by the enemy Pawn. See boyscout Source s: Any move option that requires a hurdle to be hopped over in order to move or capture.


Full text of “The Concise Guide to Chess Variants (version )”

Hopper only over pieces of opposite color eAuto-hopper Link s: History of Chess Golombek Link s: See rifle chess Source s: Chess played on a board tiled by hexagons rather than squares. Piece that makes grasshopper move then moves like a queen at 45 degrees to the line of capablanfa. A modern variant of shogi played on a 5×5 board. See overtaker Source s: The pieces of rifle chess. See rearward Source s: When placing the piece into the pocket the player can mutate the piece, i.

See chaturaji Source s: Author of books on chess variants, written in the ‘s in French. To move to an oblique square.

See Tamerlane chess Source s: Moves as knight, and captures a piece that is an additional knight move in same direction away Link s: A game played on a two-dimensional array of cells, each player having an equal and opposite set of pieces that have various powers of transfer and nullification. A rule variation that allows more leeway in castling: A chess variant in which a player wins if he checks his opponent three times. Compare move to capture. Similar to chessgi, but captured pieces must be dropped immediately.


Board and table games from many civilizations. See L’Hermitte, Serge L. A variant of progressive chess in which check may only be given on the last move of a multi-move sequence.

Chess variants are those games which are related in some way to chess. These are terms used to describe or refer to the way pieces move or capture. The square whereon a piece ends its move.

See Chinese family Link s: A six-sided cell of a hexagonal chess board. A sea piece that moves like a queen.