1. Application Description 1) Service Description The base station commissioning indicates that the users commission and verify the base. OptiX RTN Radio Transmission System. VRC Commissioning and Configuration Guide (Web LCT). Issue, Date, HUAWEI. Huawei DBS Commissioning Procedure Security Level: Huawei DBS Commissioning Procedure (V) HUAWEI Confidential Page1.

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Telus has some special sites, which are not defined like this, Huawei will provide a list of these kind of sites Save it and send all these three files to Huawei.

Micro Base Station Commissioning Guide

If tower work is in progress then hard hats are required to be worn onsite. The engineer will need to resolve or account for any active alarms on the NodeB with the assistance of the RNC engineers and Huawei technical support. To do this the engineer will need to us a compass to find orientate the direction of the sectors and then verify the Cell ID and scrambling codes for each antenna.

Sub-contractor team got the special USB memory stick with LED available and kept the NodeB software and script with the correct name, file format in the correct path as following: Site Access Procedures On attending site the engineer will be required to follow the site access procedures laid out below.

Return New post Share. Click here to sign up. Wireless Network Info Community Members: The following section will provide a breakdown of the activities required for successful commissioning of the base station. After you finish the call test, please call RNC Engineer to unblock cells and block cells, you can make calls and Handover After you finish the callp, please call RNC Engineer to unblock all cells and tell them the Callp on site finished.


And then you can get the values in this XLS file. The details of this process are not covered in this document and is only included for informational purposes. The target software package has been obtained. Remember me on this computer. Different base stations use different commissioning tools. To finalize the commissioning of the NodeB and make it ready for call testing it is necessary to notify the RNC engineer that the software upgrade and the commissioning is complete.

You need set IP Address is If it is not the right version, please do Item 10 Local Commissioning again. Once this is all complete click [Next]. Once the downloading of the software and configuration to the DBS begins the following should be occurring: Once you are logged in successfully you should see the following.

The Upgrade NodeB software dialog box will not be displayed. If the USB Memory stick is detected correctly the following should happen within 20 seconds: Set the IP address for laptop.

Huawei BTS Commissioning Guide

Then make Voice call and video call in each cell. Input the User Name: Once the NodeB has reset the new configuration will take effect.

Make a call and walk around the site, to make sure there is no call drop. Check the download speed 4. Site Installation Checks Before the engineer begins the commissioning of the base station they will be required to carry out an audit of the installation quality.

After the upgrade the software is commiesioning, system will automatically reset NodeB, this will commissining about 5 minutes. The following methods can be used for quick commissioning: Before commissioning a base station, ensure that the following prerequisites are met: Call tests should consist of the following: Then make Voice call and video call in each cells. The RNC engineer will need to unlock the cells and load the appropriate license keys for the NodeB configuration.


Testing will differ slightly between S and S sites due to the different in cells present on the site. Please refer to the document: This file will become part of the site documentation package.

Fixed Network Info Community Members: Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. It will take about 10 minutes to activate the software.

The base station to be deployed has been configured.

Compiling and Submitting the Site Documents The full reset will take about 5 minutes. Help Center Find new research papers in: The document will provide the required tools, contacts and procedures to btd followed. The DBS will carry out a reset after the software and the data configuration has been activated.

The following section describes the checks required. Initiate the internet connection and make sure connection is set up. Click Add and Fill the table. Then double-click Software Update. Login to site http: If the RNC engineer is not able to provide the necessary support the local engineer will need to contact Huawei technical support. Make sure the PSC is right in each cell.