Download your HPI kit or part manual here. Savage Flux HP RTR GHz, # – Savage SS, # – Savage X Reverse RTR, # – Savage X SS Kit . View and Download HPI Racing Savage X SS instruction manual online. Big block 4wd monster truck. Savage X SS Toy pdf manual download. View and Download HPI Racing Savage X instruction manual online. Savage X Toy pdf Toy HPI Racing Savage X SS Instruction Manual. big block 4wd.

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The engine mount now has an adjustable nose support for the enginedesigned to prevent the engine from moving during hard landings or crashes. We’ve got you covered with heavy duty dogbones, diff shafts and cup joints. Redesigned Radio Box New radio box with extra room for electronics, includes provisions for an external battery level indicator and an optional charging jack.

The engine is mated to a high performance polished tuned pipe and high flow tube header to help maximize power output.

Lightweight suspension arms improve suspension action and give great response in corners and over bumps. Manial Case with increased rigidity.

A clear and trimmed mamual with pre-cut decals is included so you can do your own custom paint job. Featuring a wide range of improvements, a huge jump in power and several option parts now as standard, the Savage X 4. You get everything in the box that you need to immediately go out stomping the competition. Steel clutch bell spacer replaces brass insert and works with ball bearings to give maximum transmission efficiency.


The Savage X series has been designed for quick and easy access to centre transmission gears as well as the front and rear gear diffs – for easy maintenance! All of the internal diff gears are now shimmed for precise mesh, and we even shim the outdrive bearings and input shafts for extra precision.


Please select your region and language settings. Hand Adjustable High Speed Needle – Conveniently tune your engine’s high speed needle by hand – no tools necessary! The bar has been raised again, once again showing why it’s the most popular big block monster truck in the world! To add cool looks, the GT-2 tyres are mounted and pre-glued on Chrome Warlock wheels.

Heavy duty diff shafts, cup joints, drive shafts and dogbones are used for maximum strength and durability. Heavy Duty Dogbones A powerful engine requires a heavy duty drivetrain for durability. Eight long-stroke oil-filled shock absorbers provide confidence over the jumps and on big-air landings. Except for requiring a big-block engine, this kit is asvage like the Savage X SS kit.

Included is an xavage nylon roll cage which will help protect your engine and heat sink. Engine mount with engine nose support, adjustable.

For complete details on the chassis, drivetrain and power features of the Savage X SS kit without engine, click here to check out the kit page for the Savage X SS kit! Front and Rear Skidplate Bumpers Realistic skidplate bumpers made of high impact nylon look great and minimize crash damage.

The first thing people notice about the Savage X monster truck is its immense size. If there’s one thing the Savage X can do without even running its engine, is scare away the competition!

The knife-edged aluminium connecting rod is streamlined for performance and includes bushings on each manaul for added durability and strength. The Savage X SS 4.

# Savage X SS Kit

Adjustable slipper clutch for drivetrain protection. Lightweight suspension arms New lightweight suspension arms deliver quick suspension response and reduce overall truck weight. HPI designers and engineers have continued to improve the Savage X, making the best even better! Diff with alloy case Dual disk brake.


New shock towers have three different shock mounting positions for a variety of suspension setups. Specification may be subject to change.

HPI Racing Savage X Instruction Manual

Savage X SS chassis without engine All these parts are included in the box – all you need is an engine! Chrome Warlock manula are standard, mounted on proven-tough 17mm cast alloy hex hubs and new steel nylock wheel screws with serrated fins that prevent the wheel nuts from vibrating off. More air means more usable power and acceleration throughout the engine’s rpm range.

Flushed Screw Settings for Fuel Mixture The stock carburetor settings are designed to fit flush to the carburetor body allowing one to easily get back to factory settings. Adjustable slipper clutch equipped with a new, more durable slipper pad for greater life. Unassembled with no radio, no electronics. Machined cut-outs for convenient access to mounting screws for easy disassembly. Aluminium diff cases to prevent spreading of the internal gears. The New Savage X 4.

No chassis disassembly is required! Please select your region and language settings. For experienced RC modellers, this means you can add in a fully race-prepped engine and extra fast servos for the ultimate monster truck! Step up to the toughest monster truck around and get the most fun out of your RC experience with the Savage X SS kit, now available without an engine!

Step up to the speed, power and durability of a Savage X SS 4.